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Repair Together is an environmental, social and solidarity association, helping and supporting local initiatives that are mobilized for the sustainable use of resources. Its objective is to pool the resources necessary for the creation, development and maintenance of "Repair Cafés" in Belgium, Brussels and Wallonia.

Expanding the network: Repair Together supports the creation of new Repair Cafés. It also ensures the maintenance of the network and the feeling of belonging to a "Repair" community.

The non-profit organisation is mandated by the official organisation Repair Café Foundation and operates according to a horizontal and non-hierarchical principle: each Repair Café remains autonomous.

Training and awareness-raising: Repair Together organises repair trainings aimed at expanding knowledge across the network and increasing the expertise of volunteer repairers.

The non-profit organisation also offers activities around repair and the circular economy. These activities are aimed at both schools and the general public. They can take place as part of events or on demand.

Militate: Repair Together is part of a broader movement to transition to a more circular economy and to fight against planned obsolescence.

They are mobilizing their strengths and resources, in collaboration with other actors in the sector, in a movement advocating for a globally recognized "right to repair".

In 2016, they surpassed the symbolic mark of 100 Repair Cafés supported in the Walloon and Brussels-Capital regions. There are more than 250 of them spread over the whole of Belgium today and more than 1200 worldwide (a figure that is constantly evolving) ♻️ 🚀

Sustainable use of resources

Sustainable and circular economy

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When possible and by accommodating everyone's professional and private agendas, the team meets for weekends in the countryside, team building events, restaurants or aperitifs to celebrate personal and collective victories.

Why Talent Should Join "Repair Together"?

"To flourish by driving a participatory citizen dynamic for the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive society." - Luc from Repair Together.

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Human contact, commitment, militancy!




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Local impact

In addition to the environmental issue, the Repair Cafés forge links, locally, between neighbours and residents of the same neighbourhood. They contribute to social cohesion and promote a dynamic of solidarity of "helping hands between neighbours"

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Environmental impact

Repair Together defends and promotes repair from all angles. Repairing so that we no longer throw away unnecessarily, extending the life of our objects, fighting against the scarcity of resources and the conflicts that this implies, against planned obsolescence, raising awareness of consumption differently, changing paradigms, being part of a circular economy, moving towards zero waste.

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Societal impact

Repair, reuse via the Repair Cafés and the other missions developed by Repair Together act on axes and themes such as the environment through the avoidance of waste, social cohesion by weaving local links, solidarity, the transmission of intergenerational knowledge.

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