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Transforming the perception and accessibility of healthcare ? The non-profit organisation Proximité Santé has been doing this brilliantly since 1997! For the record, the association was founded by a group of health professionals and social workers who noticed that many people had difficulty accessing quality health care, due to their socio-economic situation... 🩺🧴👩‍⚕️

Since then, Proximité Santé's dedicated team has been made up of professional, passionate and experienced advisors, who are not content with just treating but who are also committed to offering an optimal quality of life to all, regardless of their situation. The non-profit organisation therefore provides paramedical and mobility equipment for sale or rental,... It also offers local and public utility services such as non-emergency, medical-health or PRM transport, bandagery and orthopaedics, audiology, small home work and help with socio-professional integration!

With strong social values , the services offered all aim to help patients on a daily basis and make their lives easier : Proximité Santé wants to promote home care, break isolation by recreating a social link based on intergenerational relationships of trust, provide active listening and advice (in terms of health, mobility, autonomy). A non-profit organisation committed and supportive to the tips of our fingernails, just the way we like them! 🧡

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What characterizes Proximité Santé is above all its dedicated, dynamic and inclusive team, whose employé.es are more than just health professionals... They are true artisans of compassion and well-being ! 👩‍⚕️

And because cohesion and solidarity are vital constants for the non-profit organisation, team meetings, continuing education and other convivial moments are regularly organised. These shared moments not only strengthen professional ties but also weave a strong social fabric within the team! 🤝 

The little +? Devices and conditions of access for people who are far from the world of work, in order to learn a trade within the non-profit organisation ! On the agenda: learning of behavioural and interpersonal skills , training (internal and external) and support throughout the duration of the contract. Today, 5 training courses are offered in one profession : Light Medical Vehicle Driver, Warehousing and Order Preparation, Switchboard Operator - Transport Dispatcher, Accounting Secretary and Commercial Assistantship. Socio-professional integration at the heart of the team, a commitment that we like!

Guided by values such as humanity, flexibility and proactivity, the team unites to offer unwavering support and attentive listening to those who need it most. By joining Proximité Santé, each member of the team embraces a culture of mutual aid within a family atmosphere, where everyone finds their place and contributes to building a brighter future for all! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑🌍




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The non-profit organisation helps patients on a daily basis and makes their lives easier by encouraging them to stay at home and breaking isolation. They also provide active listening and health advice .

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Proximity? Inscribed at the heart of their profession (and their name)! Their objective: to develop local and public utility services such as passenger transport, sale and rental of equipment, bandage and orthopaedics, audiology, small home jobs,... A range of help that relieves those who need it most! 🤲

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The non-profit organisation also offers a second-hand service ! Equipping your home with a medical bed or a lift chair? Or maybe even sell it afterwards? Child's play, good for the planet and accessible to all! ♻️

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Proximité Santé also works for socio-professional integration and enables people who are far from employment to reintegrate into the world of work, via integration schemes and training in professions. 👩‍🏫

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