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Director of Transversal Services (4/5th or TP)

  • Brussels
  • Telework partially allowed
  • Full-time
  • 5 to 10 years

Job description

In order to meet the current and future challenges of its organisation, which has experienced strong growth in recent years, the non-profit organisation Pro Velo is looking for a 3rd person to join its Management Committee.

On the basis of Pro Velo's Strategic Action Plan, and in order to ensure a good operationalization of our activities and projects, you will co-construct and support the implementation of new organizational solutions in the following themes: IT, internal management, budget and finance, HR and administration.

You will also explore the legal environment conducive to the serene development of our activities.

Based on a good understanding of field activities, you will supervise and facilitate these various change projects in consultation with your teams of experts as well as the two Regional Operational Directors.

You are also the Director in charge of social dialogue (DS, Works Council, CPPT), with the support of the Management Committee.

Your tasks:

Change/Evolution Project Management

In collaboration with your teams and the Management Committee:

  • You identify the changes to be made, based on the needs of the field, in connection with the tools/procedures related to HR, Admin Fin and ICT matters.

  • You identify the operational and functional relationships between the people who will be impacted.

  • You will assess the needs in terms of human and material resources and co-construct the implementation schedule.

  • You manage and monitor the progress of these projects.

Example of change/evolution projects to oversee :

  • With the support of the IT Manager: implementation of a workshop and inventory management software, deployment of a cash register solution adapted to cycle stores, development of a new accounting software.

  • With the support of the Finance Admin Manager: evolution from a budget management in department mode to a transversal management. Development of a sustainable business model for the organization, seeking to diversify financial resources and ensuring its operationalization. Analysis of the current management of the institution's assets as well as the buildings and proposal for improvements.

  • With the support of the HR Manager: improvement of the salary policy, implementation of a legal framework for working hours, etc.

Strategic and operational management of the non-profit organisation

  • As a member of the Pro Velo Management Committee and in collaboration with the two Regional Directors, you will participate in the validation of decisions that concern the entire non-profit organisation (operational management).

  • You help the departments you supervise to define their strategy.

  • You are responsible for upholding Pro Velo's values and the spirit of collaboration, in particular with your fellow members of the Management Committee.

  • You are in charge of looking for new funding related to your preferred subjects (related to the social economy, employment aid, etc.)

  • You advise the Management Committee and all the departments concerned on developments in law, standards and case law ; You will ensure a permanent legal and regulatory watch and write summary notes.

Governance and internal organization

  • You will develop the means, procedures and integrated tools to operationalize Pro Velo's projects and activities, in line with your themes, and by relying on the expertise of your teams.

  • Together with the other two directors, you are responsible for the transversality at Pro Velo and for developing the means and tools necessary to facilitate and improve collaboration between departments and regions within the organization.

  • You propose clear and transparent governance rules, in consultation with the following bodies: AG, CA, CD, DS, works council.

  • You are responsible for improving decision-making processes within the structure, their operationalization and their transparency.

Social dialogue

With the support of the Management Committee, you will carry and organise the dynamics of social dialogue within Pro Velo, by being the answer to the CPPT, for the Trade Union Delegation and the Works Council.

Representation and link with the Board of Directors and the General Assembly

  • Alternating with the two regional directors, you will participate in the meetings of the Board of Directors.

  • You are in charge of the organization of the AGM and the legal aspects related to this part of your work : presentation of the Strategic Action Plan, the income statement, organization of the AGM, definition of ROI, etc.

Team Management

  • You will support the managers of the HR, Admin-fin and ICT departments in the definition and implementation of their strategy. You will help them achieve their goals while developing their skills.

Place of work: Brussels with an occasional presence in Walloon settlements.


  • You have experience in a management position in the non-profit sector or the social economy.

  • You have a proven track record of supporting change. As a facilitator and driver of change, you have excellent organizational skills that allow you to carry out different projects in parallel.

  • You have a strong sense of participatory leadership. Excellent written and oral communication skills as well as ease in public speaking.

  • Your sense of observation and ability to make connections allows you to have a good understanding of Pro Velo's services and professions.

  • You have proven experience in managing and leading teams. Knowledge of collective intelligence tools is an asset.

  • You enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team and have at least 5 years' experience in structuring the internal functioning of an organization (e.g . SME or non-profit organization with +- 100 employees).

  • Your strategic vision combined with your ability to synthesize allows you to analyze a structure as a whole.

  • Your interpersonal skills, your ability to listen and your empathy allow you to adapt to different audiences and coach teams.

  • You have proven learning abilities to grasp different subjects.

  • You are solution-oriented and able to make decisions.

  • An affinity with mobility and particularly cycling is an asset.

  • You have already demonstrated your ability to work in a multidimensional environment (transversal, regional, local, federal, departmental, etc.).

  • You are resistant to stress and flexible in terms of travel (in Brussels and Wallonia).

  • A good command of Dutch (level B2-C1) is an asset.

  • You approach work in a spirit that combines pleasure and professionalism.

Why apply?

  • A full-time or 4/5ths permanent contract.

  • Gross monthly salary between €4292.69 and €5838.05 (full-time salary), depending on the length of service recognised in a similar position.

  • Representation expenses of 125 euros net/month.

  • Meal vouchers worth 7 euros per day provided.

  • Reimbursement of travel expenses (home-to-work) and travel in the course of their duties.

  • Eco-vouchers with an annual value of 250 euros.

  • Telephone calls are supported via a subscription paid for by Pro Velo.

  • 28 days of full-time leave (20 legal days, 6 RTT and 2 extra-legal leaves).

  • A 30% discount on bike purchases/repairs/maintenance carried out in our workshop.

Conduct of interviews

Send your cover letter and CV in a pdf file named " Last Name First Name DIR ST " by email by May 26 at the latest to the following address:

The first interviews will take place on 3 and 7 June.

  • Step 1: meeting with HR and a member of the Management Committee

  • 2nd step : meeting with HR, the Chair of the Board of Directors and a Manager

  • Step 3: Assessment

About the company

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