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If there is one company that has the wind in its sails in terms of green energy and energy innovation, it is Philéole! Pioneers in the manufacture of mini-vertical wind turbines produced in Europe, Philéole offers two types of products that adapt to all conditions where the wind speed is sufficient... At sea or on land, their mini-wind turbines can be found on sailboats as well as on buildings! 🏠⛵ This innovation enables independent and renewable electricity production, contributing to a more sustainable future for all! 

Produced from aluminium and plastic bottles, the mini-wind turbines are 100% recycled... and recyclable ! A revolution in the wind energy industry and a new lease of life for the future! 

As you can see, at Philéole, the main objective is to achieve energy independence, accessible to all, while preserving environmental sustainability

How do they differ from other producers? Most wind turbines available on the market only capture winds that blow at altitude. Today, Phileole focuses on the energy produced by light airs, turbulence and currents. 🌬️

With several recognitions and rewards, such as obtaining renowned labels such as "The Arch" and "Solar Impulse", Philoole's commitment to ecological innovation and the transition to cleaner energy sources is well established.

Would you like to join Philéole in this exciting adventure, in transition to a cleaner, greener and more energy-independent world ? Hurry like the wind to check the job offers! 

Sustainable Wind Energy

Green Electricity

100% recycled and recyclable

Winner of Solar Impulse and The Arch

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A close-knit team on a human scale, relationships of trust and respect, a dynamic atmosphere and permanent motivation to do your best... Here are some of the rewarding elements we've heard about to illustrate the work environment at Philéole! 😀

Joining Philéole means becoming a key player in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a more sustainable future, within a team where collaboration and a sense of belonging to a common goal are an integral part of daily life.

In addition, the team has no shortage of opportunities to celebrate their victories! 🎉 Whether it's during team buildings or the first tests carried out for their mini-wind turbines, emotions are running high! In fact, a highlight for the team was the testing of the first wind turbine in a wind tunnel, after months of research and work. Each goal achieved is a real driving force that motivates them for the future! We can't wait to see what the future holds!




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Wind turbines are produced from recycled and recyclable materials in Europe, and the distances for transporting goods are kept to a minimum. ♻️

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Philéole has been awarded several prestigious labels such as "The Arch". Among more than 250 applications, Philéole was chosen because of the sustainability of the wind turbine and its potential to accelerate the ecological transition. In addition, there is the prestigious "Solar Impulse" label, which highlights clean and cost-effective solutions for tomorrow. A solid proof of commitment and a recognition of the passionate and exciting work that the Philéole team does on a daily basis! 💚

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The creation of Philéole wind turbines contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, responsible waste management (through recycling) and the production of renewable and independent energy. 🌱

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Phileole enables energy accessibility for all, even in remote areas, and thus plays a key role in creating a more sustainable world, both for local communities and for the world as a whole.

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The creation of local jobs, education and awareness of energy-related issues (consumption, possibilities of alternatives,...) are also important spearheads of the company.

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