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More than cultural events, Pastoo is above all a team, expertise and a common passion: creating sustainable events with strong values, which are worth experiencing...

Pastoo's mission is to raise awareness among the general public of the values of sustainable development through cultural events and through positive pedagogy. Faced with the climate emergency and the collapse of biodiversity, as well as social and economic challenges, initiatives are springing up, questions are multiplying and debate is taking place everywhere.

In this perspective, cultural events are a great opportunity to raise awareness and take action. The positive potential of culture, heritage and creativity is a lever to build on. The actions on and around our events make it possible to raise awareness, to convey a message, to question ourselves on social issues, to show that it is possible to live and consume differently, in a context of leisure and relaxation, creativity and imagination.

Much more than a cultural structure, Pastoo wants to act to offer its audience unifying events that convey positive values. Reinventing events is the project that drives the entire team with passion today.

The main events organized by Pastoo:

- LaSemo (Multidisciplinary Family Festival - 30,000 people - Parc d'Enghien),

- Namur in May (Festival des arts forains - 200,000 people - Namur),

- Bucolic Brussels (Car-Free Day Event - 74,000 people - Royal Palace of Brussels ),

- Cabaret (Production of a cabaret show - Brussels - 20,000 people),

Sustainable and cultural events

Raising awareness of the values of sustainable dev...

5 events per year and more than 200,000 participan...

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Why join Pastoo Asbl? The human side, the eternal desire to create and reinvent oneself, meaningful values that are reflected in each member of the team, the public, the volunteers, in the events as well as in the framework of working with offices within Transforma (entrepreneurial ecosystem that facilitates the emergence of sustainable innovation).

At Pastoo, the team is essential and that's why the teams are pampered: nap space in the offices, breakfast together 1X/month, aperitifs/drinks after work, teatimes, Christmas party, teambuilding events... And once a year they organize a weekend with all the volunteers!




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Throughout the year, thanks to various socio-cultural mediation projects, the non-profit organisation continues to collaborate with local actors: community centre, youth centre, IPPJ, neighbourhood authority, reception centre for asylum seekers, etc.

All the teams within the non-profit organisation Pastoo strive to think - before, during and after - each event so that it is part of a sustainable approach. A true pioneer in terms of sustainability in Belgium, the LaSemo festival has been implementing many measures for more than 10 years: the introduction of reusable cups (now Ecocup, a reference in the sector), dry toilets (now Green Corner Toilet), waste reduction and sorting work, a scenography based on recovered materials, offsetting the carbon footprint... Many of these measures have served as examples and continue to inspire many industry players and a wide audience every year.

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A sustainable department within the non-profit organisation was created in 2020 in order to structure the many past and future initiatives. In 2021, the LaSemo festival was one of the first to offer reusable tableware to festival-goers, thus significantly reducing the volume of waste. Also, a major reflection has been launched for the next few years concerning mobility, thus aiming to reduce the carbon footprint by offering festival-goers alternatives to cars.

The social pillar of sustainable development is a priority for Pastoo and that is why it fights against the image of elitist culture and defends the idea of a culture for all. Throughout the year, Pastoo works to facilitate access to its events for certain vulnerable audiences: people in financial difficulty, people with different types of physical and/or mental disabilities, etc.

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For several years now, a great deal of work has been done on accessibility to all audiences. The non-profit organisation collaborates with associations active in the field of disability (non-profit organisations Altéo, Almagic, Gratte, etc.) to provide the most optimal possible welcome for people with disabilities and reduced mobility (road plates, sufficient volunteers to take care of these people, translation of concerts into sign language, induction loops, raised podiums, etc.).

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In an approach to social inclusion and cultural accessibility, the non-profit organisation offers shows in hospitals, retirement homes, IPPJ and the Red Cross reception centre for asylum seekers, in order to involve audiences who have more difficult access to culture and who do not necessarily travel...

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