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Orybany is the 1st eco-sustainable concept store in Brussels dedicated to Slow Fashion and Slow Living. Their main driver: fun and social awareness can go hand in hand!

At Orybany, you can find works by young designers as well as Belgian and European circular brands. Pioneers of ethical and sustainable fashion in Brussels since 2013, Orybany promotes a social, local and circular economic model through its various activities: boutique, creative workshops, private sales, designer markets...

Orybany is first and foremost a community of local artisans and designers who work for ethical and sustainable fashion. They join forces in Atelier Orybany where collaboration is essential.

Orybany is much more than an eco-sustainable and solidarity-based concept store! Their Do It Yourself workshops are part of their identity. Between sewing classes based on recycling, scrapbooking, "paper" workshops and the creation of basketry... Local and artisanal creation is always in the spotlight.

As you can see, in addition to promoting eco-responsible and ethical brands, Orybany is a meeting place for changemakers.

1st eco-friendly concept store in Brussels

Community of artisans and creators

Member of the Cluster Circle Made of Hub Brussels

DIY Workshops

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Since the creation of the Orybany concept store by Juliette Berguet, the team has continued to grow and is now composed of more than twenty members and creators. In this large community, everyone's opinion is taken into account and everyone's development is the key word!

This joyful troupe regularly organizes workshops of all kinds and open to all. Through these weekly events, Orybany's creators, customers and members focus on moments of sharing.

If you too believe that every little gesture counts and that the ecological transition will be done TOGETHER, join the team!




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The non-profit organisation Ateliers Orybany is one of the pillars of ethical and sustainable fashion in Brussels, a project combining the societal, local and circular economy. Since the creation of Orybany in 2013, one instruction has remained essential: never lose sight of the environmental and societal aim of the project. The shop's activities are very diverse: creative workshops, private sales, creative markets...

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Orybany's products are all made from used items. Indeed, the clothes are created from fabric scraps and the furniture is revalued from second-hand furniture. For Orybany members, every gesture for the planet counts for a truly ecological and sustainable transition.

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Another activity is also important for Orybany: professional reintegration. This is a subject that is particularly close to their hearts. This is why, with the help of people in socio-professional reintegration, Orybany organizes various workshops to reintegrate them into our society.

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As you can see, Orybany is first and foremost a local, sustainable and societal project focused on short circuits. It is for all these reasons that Meet My Job is proud to support Orybany!

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