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Waste? It's over! No Waste Republic is a Belgian company specialising in the recycling of surplus food into new ingredients. ♻️ Enabling brewers, bakers and food manufacturers to work together to significantly reduce their CO2 footprint is their credo and we'll explain it to you right away! 

Since 2022, No Waste Republic has founded a thriving circular economy together with other market players (such as Makisu, Vismijn, La Lorraine Bakery Group, Copains, Brunheaut, Brussels Beer Project,...) by sourcing surplus food to transform it into new local and circular ingredients for the production of consumer goods. 

... But what exactly are the ingredients? Well, at No Waste Republic, the team makes breadcrumbs and Panko (an Asian breadcrumb) and cereals to brew from the surplus bread production from their partner bakers! 🍞

local and circular alternative to conventional wheat-based ingredients, with a much lower carbon footprint. 100 % local and rather exclusive, when you know that the company is the only Panko producer in Belgium ! 👨‍🍳

Their ambition? Bringing together the best of both worlds and supporting the food industry in its sustainable transition. 🌱💚 No Waste Republic is one of the many companies working to transition to a more sustainable, collaborative, transparent and equitable economy... And we wish them all the best for achieving their next goal with flying colours: to become the number 1 supplier of recycled bread ingredients in Europe by 2027!

Circular economy

Sustainable food

+ 1 tonne of CO2 avoided

100% Belgian

taste of the team

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Beyond the circular economy and entrepreneurship, the team shares a passion for food and can never choose between a burger and a healthy meal for their lunch... We get it! 🙃 The team enjoys these convivial moments together, as well as bike rides, aperitifs and restaurants, Christmas dinners,... Any occasion is a good time to have a bite to eat and routine, right? 🥪

With their careers spent in large companies (such as AB Inbev, Swift or Unilever), the team combines several years of experience in entrepreneurship, and varied skills in logisticsfinanceengineering and sales, among others. 💼 Their next goal? To become the  number 1 supplier of recycled bread ingredients in Europe by 2027!

Being part of a team of efficient and experienced entrepreneurs who value teamwork and inclusion in decision-making is a source of pride that is reflected in their success! A concrete result of their collective efforts and their work of passioné.es! In fact, the team recently decided to quadruple the size of their bread harvests from one to sixteen tons per harvest to reduce the ecological impact and transport costs... The result of a shared reflection and a common ambition: to transition to sustainability, again and again! 

So, are you ready to make a difference by joining a human-sized team that isn't afraid to get its hands dirty (and grow)? 🍞




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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Thanks to their circular sourcing of raw materials and their green logistics and production processes, No Waste Republic can guarantee one thing: for every tonne of breadcrumbs sold, 1.05 tonnes of CO2 emissions are avoided! 🌍

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The company creates jobs in Brussels by relocating production that used to take place in other regions, or even in Asia! 💚

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The circular company has managed to build a network of local partners for all aspects of their business: Brunehaut, BonPain, La Lorraine, Copains and Brussels Beer Project, to name but a few. She even has her own brand of beers, Flower Power and Grain Again ! 🍻

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Since the beginning of their activity, the team has decided to work in collaboration with Belgian universities to recruit students as interns, as well as to carry out studies related to the development of No Waste Republic. Combining learning with pleasure, we say yes! 👨‍🎓

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Did you know that their circular bread granules emit 60% less CO2 than conventional  malt? 🍞

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According to statistics, 25% of the food and beverages produced are not even consumed... In Belgium alone, 120,000 tonnes of bread are wasted every year. 🥵 Thanks to the circular economy of which No Waste Republic is a part, the objective is to considerably reduce this waste by repurposing what our stomachs do not want!

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