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Sourcing Manager / Business Developer

  • Brussels
  • Telework partially allowed
  • Full-time
  • < 12 year(s)

Job description

The Sourcing Manager / Business Developer has operational responsibilities in the areas of business development, human resources, finance, legal affairs and operations (maintenance and warehousing):

Development / Sourcing:

  • Lead procurement initiatives that will contribute to the achievement of objectives

  • Look for opportunities to build a pipeline of new accounts and verify technical and financial feasibility.

  • Establish long-term partnerships (sales channels, logistics, etc.)

  • Partnership Management:

    • Build and maintain strong relationships with demolition companies, general contractors, real estate developers, recycling organizations, and other relevant partners to maximize material input.

    • Negotiate debt collection agreements, contracts and partnerships.

    • Negotiate delivery terms.

  • Build a strong network over time and negotiate with key stakeholders, such as industry associations and contractors.

  • Representative role at industry conferences and information sessions

  • Report once a month on the progress of business development actions.


  • Collection Planning and Coordination:

    • Develop effective collection strategies tailored to customer needs and ongoing projects.

    • Ensure the availability of the equipment necessary for the packaging of materials by our teams or those of our drying partners.

  • Supervision of collection operations:

    • Supervise and manage a team of collectors responsible for material recovery on construction and demolition sites.

    • Please ensure that collected materials are properly sorted and stored before being shipped to our facilities.

  • Administrative follow-up and reporting:

    • Monitor collections, capture relevant data, and report regularly on collected volumes.

    • Manage the administrative aspects of collections, such as permits, transport documents, and traceability receipts.

  • Continuous Improvement:

    • Identify opportunities to optimize collection processes and propose solutions for improvement.

    • Monitor and integrate systemic and strategic developments in the field of reuse of building materials into our practices.


We are looking for a values-driven entrepreneur who is passionate about restoring our planet and bringing entrepreneurial experience to accelerate our ambition and lead by example in the transition our planet needs.

You are passionate about:

1.     Sustainability – passion for decarbonizing the economy

2.     Construction/Infrastructure (as this is your main customer market)

3. Logistics    

You will bring experience in the following areas:

  • Experience and/or network in the procurement or construction sector (main customer market)

  • Team management skills and ability to motivate and oversee collaboration with collectors

You will have the following skills:

  • Ability to establish and maintain professional relationships with a variety of partners

  • Previous experience in logistics, construction or similar.

  • Technical knowledge of materials and reconditioning practices.

  • Project management - experience in managing projects professionally

  • Strong organizational skills and ability to effectively manage priorities

  • Account Management – experience with SLAs, contract management, and financial/accounting management

  • Good communication and negotiation skills.

  • Languages – Dutch and French (Dutch or French is required)

  • Mastery of IT tools and management software

  • Driver's license required

  • Knowledge of safety standards on construction sites and transportation

  • Strong interest in circular economy approaches, including reuse

  • Ability to quickly learn and integrate a variety of content

  • A logical understanding of the technical and logistical aspects of material chains

  • Ability to work independently, with occasional support

  • Good problem-solving skills to deal with complex situations

  • Interpersonal and listening skills to develop professional relationships based on trust

  • Flexible and ready to fully commit to the new adventure

Why apply?

  • Co-create the vision and mission of a start-up with a big impact on decarbonization

  • A fixed remuneration (employee or freelancer) including fringe benefits

  • Stock option plan

Conduct of interviews

  • Step 1: Send the CV

  • Step 2: A 10-minute call

  • Step 3: We meet at our office for an interview

  • Step 4: Welcome to the team! 🎉

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