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Mobius Benelux

Revolutionizing construction through reuse!

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A structure that deconstructs codes, brick by brick? It's Mobius Benelux! At the heart of innovation in the building sector, the company is rethinking construction by adopting an approach of reuse and production of reconditioned building materials. 🌍 

Thanks to their two fields of action, consulting and production, Mobius Benelux is a real player in waste reduction and carbon emission limitation in the construction sector. Their commitment to sustainability is rooted in the provision of building products from 100% recycled and reused materials. ♻️ Mobius Benelux is therefore not only building but undeniably shaping the future responsibly! And we love that! 

What are the people asking for a new perspective on the act of building and deconstructing by getting involved in the limitation of waste and the intelligent consumption of resources?

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The ideal dream team for Mobius Benelux? A fusion of talents determined to redefine the standards of the sustainable industry, from design to engineering to environmental awareness. 👷 ♀️👷 As you can see, all profiles are welcome! 

Currently at an exciting crossroads, they are preparing to welcome their very first employee for Belgium (already twenty employees in France)! This means a unique opportunity to be part of the first members of the Belgian team, where every idea and contribution will directly shape the future of the company. 🤝 What could be better than the chance to embody the promising growth of Mobius in Belgium, in a caring, humane and professional work environment? 

Everything is still to be written, but what is certain is that the founders have already planned something to cement the links well: afterworks, Christmas parties, convivial barbecues with colleagues... So many elements that will not only be moments of relaxation, but also the first chapters of a collective story ! 🌟




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With imports, the world suffers from rising CO2 and precarious working conditions. Mobius responds to these issues by creating local, non-relocatable and accessible jobs, propelling a greener and fairer economy. Turning the challenges of importing materials into sustainable opportunities? Mobius has more than one trick up his sleeve! 🌍🔨

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Mobius Benelux offers a new perspective on the act of building and deconstructing by getting involved in the limitation of waste and the intelligent consumption of resources. ♻️

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Did you know that construction is the leading user of energy with 45% of national consumption? All the more reason to commit to more sustainable construction, from top to bottom!

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Raising awareness of the potential of reuse is a central pillar for a greener future. Mobius Benelux educates, inspires and demonstrates that sustainable construction is a responsibility shared by all.

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