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Just like the founders of Mekanika, we unfortunately read far too often the inscription "Made in China" on the products we use every day...

Convinced that a large part of the products we use every day could be made locally, which would reduce unnecessary transport and create meaningful jobs, Mekanika has made it her mission to make local manufacturing more accessible!

How? To achieve this goal, they create open-source machines and educational content, so that anyone can start creating objects in a matter of days, without prior technical knowledge.

Mekanika has now developed two ranges of machines with an evolving character:

> Screen printing, to enable textile printing and the launch of small clothing lines.

> Digital milling, to enable the digital fabrication of wood, metal, plastic or even stone elements.

Mekanika is a great success thanks to its innovative machines! More than 1500 passionate entrepreneurs and creatives are already equipped in 40 countries. Enough to have a local impact across the globe!

If you too want to change the way objects are produced, join the Mekanika team 🚀

Promoting local production

1500 users in 40 countries

Collaborative Design & Open Source

Facilitate repair and recycling

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A lot of mutual aid and communication, a stimulating environment, an ambitious mission that values the work and abilities of each individual, these are the components of an organization like Mekanika. But it's the team that holds it all together. The team organizes open moments where each employee can invite family and friends to show them their activity, and the drinks, meals and surprise team days are real moments of sharing.

Fun fact: The launch of the Evo digital milling machine on pre-sale on Kickstarter in February 2021 was a great success. Almost 50 milling machines were sold in 20 minutes! It's the most exciting moment the team has experienced, but not the last. Join Mekanika to participate in the next one! 




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The recent economic and ecological crises, as well as widespread relocation, have pushed Mekanika to change things. The company is in favour of a new model, in which production would be centred on the local scale and would give back importance to the human being. That's why they equip craftsmen both close to their workshop and on the other side of the world. Their main goal is to help local production.

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Mekanika's philosophy also takes into account the environmental impact. Thus, their machines are designed with a maximum of standard parts and non-final assemblies, in order to facilitate repair and recycling. The suppliers are selected for their geographical proximity and the steel or aluminium parts are produced locally, in French and Belgian companies. In general, the environmental impact is at the heart of their thinking, as well as the financial factor.

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Mekanika also advocates knowledge sharing, with the presence of an open source catalog hosted by the famous Wikifactory platform. It contains the necessary information so that the user can adapt or modify the Mekanika machines according to his needs. In addition, the digital milling machine (Mekanika) is the most followed project in the world on Wikifactory.

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It is for all these reasons that Meet My Job is proud to support Mekanika.

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