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Maison Dandoy is the oldest biscuit factory in Brussels. For more than 190 years, it has celebrated simple pleasures by offering cookies that are rich in flavour and generous in character. These sweet treats are 100% natural and handcrafted by passionate masters in their Brussels workshops.

Family, craftsmanship, quality and traditions are the foundations of Maison Dandoy. It all began in 1829, when the great-great-great-grandfather, an artisan baker, opened his first shop on rue du Marché-aux-Herbes. Thirty years later, he moved to rue du Beurre where he taught his son Philippe the trade. After 150 years of know-how, tradition and passion still rule the roost with new ideas, big projects but always with the same delicious recipes of yesteryear.

Their guilty pleasure? Authentic and homemade Speculoos! Voted the best speculoos in the world by the people of Brussels, it never ceases to satisfy the taste buds of young and old alike. Even if Maison Dandoy has made speculoos its specialty, it offers a multitude of sweet pleasures: crunchy, crispy, cakes, financiers, frangipanes... There is something for every foodie and for every occasion!

Today, it's time for the seventh generation! Alexandre and Antoine Helson join the family business left by their father Bernard. It's a breath of fresh air for the family business: the two sons bring a fresh perspective and aim to put sustainability at the heart of the project. The two brothers want healthy growth for the company. "Our priority will not be to improve the numbers in the next quarter," says Antoine. "We want to think long-term and leave our children something we can be proud of." The motto will remain the same : to make biscuits without fuss, in an authentic and sustainable way!

Maison Dandoy is looking for gourmet talents to complete their teams: in the office, in the workshop or in the boutique, all profiles are welcome to join the sweet adventure!

Family-run and artisanal biscuit factory

Local production

13 stores in Belgium

Voted the best speculoos in the world by the peopl...

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Maison Dandoy is a family business on a human scale where everyone knows each other!

At Maison Dandoy, it is above all solidarity and proximity that allow the teams to achieve great things! Together, they don't hesitate to meet regularly to share a restaurant or a football game at the weekend. Their last highlight: a moment in the team around a food thing, a bar and a big outdoor game.

Joining La Maison Dandoy means working in a friendly, caring and fulfilling environment. As a talent, you'll be able to learn, grow and achieve your ambitions throughout your career.

Would you like to join the Dandoy family?  Maison Dandoy is looking for lovers of a job well done for its offices, its shops but also its workshop!




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Maison Dandoy is fresh and natural products, artisanal and local !

After tasting, we all agree that Dandoy products taste good. What's even better is that they're also good for the planet ! Indeed, the Maison focuses above all on local : their production workshop is located in the Brussels region and 95% of their sales are made within a 10 km radius. Very concerned about the origin of their raw materials and packaging, they collaborate with local Belgian suppliers as often as possible.

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On the packaging side, their paper is FSC-labelled : this label promotes the sustainable management of forests all over the world, according to strict social, environmental and economic criteria. In terms of raw materials, they are currently in the process of using flour from regenerative agriculture, respecting the biodiversity of the soil.

The energy issue is not set aside at Maison Dandoy either! In fact, they installed solar panels on the roof of their workshop and offices. These allow them to meet the energy needs of their establishments.

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From a social point of view, professional integration is at the heart of Maison Dandoy's priorities. For the past 14 years, they have been working with Exaris, the Belgian temporary employment agency with a social purpose. The biscuit factory works with them to guarantee sustainable employment for young people with low qualifications on the labour market. Today, 7 of their current permanent contracts come from the Exaris cooperative.

On top of that, they collaborate with a sheltered workshop employing people with disabilities to pack cookies.

Supporting the most disadvantaged is another of Maison Dandoy's major concerns. To do this, they have set up a donation system for local charities such as Resto du Cœur, Opérations Thermos, the Red Cross and many others.

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Since its creation in 1829, La Maison Dandoy has remained true to itself by advocating authenticity, craftsmanship and a sense of human relations. It is for all these reasons that we are proud to support them today.

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