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Artisanal, Belgian and organic biscuit making rhymes with... MAD LAB !

MAD LAB is a Belgian artisan organic biscuit factory producing innovative, healthy and authentic sweet and savoury biscuits. At the heart of its methods, the biscuit factory integrates circularity and respect for the environment. Their philosophy is to use simple and noble raw materials for original and complex recipes. As a result, a beautiful complexity of tastes, a strong presence of herbs and a constant search for unbridled associations where we find crunchy and shortbread blends, sweet and spicy, spicy and round... All in a biscuit rich in fibre, protein and minerals and low in sugars.

" Nothing is lost, everything is transformed ." This is precisely the motto of MAD LAB! Indeed, the biscuit factory recovers spent grain, the cereals used for brewing beers, to make delicious savoury biscuits. MAD LAB is therefore making its contribution to the edifice of change by fighting against food waste. And because MAD LAB respects the nature that feeds it, all cookies are available in bulk or in certified compostable bags. Of course, it goes without saying that they practice organic production!

Since its creation, this original biscuit factory has developed through the circuit of organic stores and delicatessens in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and England. Labelled Good Food and Certified Craftsmanship, the company intends to expand its range and its development to reach even more gourmets. To do this, the team is looking for new talents ready to join an adventure that awakens the taste buds!

Healthy & local food

Innovative, artisanal and organic biscuit factory

Member of Be Circular

Certified Craftsmanship Label

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In an entrepreneurial and benevolent atmosphere, you can smell gourmet biscuits, yes, but not only. At MAD LAB, there is a family atmosphere.

The "Dream Team" is made up of founders Cyril and David, a duo much more iconic than John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They are accompanied by Sami, Paulo and Santiago who get their hands dirty daily to provide you with cookies rich in flavor ! They know how to work, yes, but they also love to reward themselves through relaxing moments as a team: team lunches, afteworks, the confectioners' truce...

MAD LAB is looking for talents who want to help them leave a mark on the local Belgian community and who share their philosophy : use of noble raw materials, healthy values, circular economy...




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MAD LAB is an innovative biscuit factory committed to a local and circular economy. It participates in a virtuous circle and fights food waste by recovering the brewers' grain. This is because this cereal used in the beer-making process is discarded once the beer is produced. To remedy this problem, MAD LAB transforms and recycles it into delicious savoury biscuits. Having switched to organic farming, the co-founders use the spent grain from the Brasserie du Renard. This gourmet recycling makes it possible not to foolishly incinerate this raw material, which is rich in fibre and vegetable proteins.

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At MAD LAB, respect for the environment is at the heart of their concerns and their gourmet project. All their biscuits are produced in an artisanal and local way. They are available in bulk or in certified compostable pouches and are made from organically grown ingredients. Since August 2021, Mad Lab has been recognized as a "certified craftsmanship".

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Since its creation, MAD LAB has been developing through the circuit of organic stores and delicatessens in Belgium. The company really thinks about each of their approaches: compostable packaging, bulk products, collaboration with local players, use of soft transport such as bicycles to transport their products, etc.

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Thus, MAD LAB seeks to reduce its environmental impact in every way and that is why we are proud to support them.

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