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What do you mean, you don't know LuciSun yet? It is the company (with a capital L) that embodies the vanguard of the energy transition in Belgium! ☀️ Don't move, we'll explain everything below! 

Created in 2019 by a team of solar energy enthusiasts , made up of highly qualified engineers and scientists in the fields of solar energy and energy meteorology, LuciSun has set up shop at the ICAB (Business and Technology Incubator) in Etterbeek. It is in this stimulating and innovative setting, surrounded by European technological leaders (particularly in the field of solar energy), that the team evolves with a single goal in sight: the common desire to maximize their positive impact on tomorrow's society. 🌱

Their main mission? To support the players in the solar PV sector, providing them with a range of specialized technical services and innovative solutions at every stage of their projects. 🤝 In concrete terms, they provide solar power plant developers, consulting firms, real estate investors/developers and public bodies with state-of-the-art solutions. This includes energy efficiency simulation, performance evaluation, technical due diligence, risk assessment, monitoring data analysis, and problem detection and diagnosis. 📈 And you know what? Their clients and collaborators are among the European and world leaders in photovoltaic solar energy: private companies, major research centers, public administrations and NGOs, a diversity of high-end audiences for which LuciSun is renowned! 💼

Interested in joining a committed company where professional development opportunities allow everyone to put their talents to good use and develop their skills in various areas (such as project management, finance, human resources,...)? You know what you have to do! 😉

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At LuciSun, the company culture promotes autonomy and trust, giving the team the freedom to manage their work responsibly. Dedication, passion for solar energy and a strong team spirit are also an integral part of daily life, creating an environment conducive to professional fulfillment for all! 💛

Their little +? The innovative and stimulating atmosphere of the ICAB, easily accessible by public transport and equipped with bicycle 🚲 parking, facilitates travel and promotes exchanges with an ecosystem made up of many other start-ups with a high technological, ecological and/or societal impact... 💬🌱 We love it, don't we?

Concerned about the balance between private and professional life, LuciSun offers the possibility of teleworking, while maintaining a minimum of two days a week in person after an integration phase (because seeing colleagues is nice too, right?). But that's not all, LuciSun is committed to offering competitive compensation, reflecting the experience and added value of each employee. 

So, joining an exciting mission and participating in building a sustainable future speaks to you?  Do you feel motivated by solar technologies and dé to invest yourself with colleagues as passionné.es as you? Do you want to be part of a close-knit team that doesn't lack friendliness ? LuciSun is waiting for you! ☀️




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LuciSun is doing its part in the fight against climate change, by offering solutions based on photovoltaic solar energy. As a result, the company embodies energy sovereignty and enables local energy production. 🌍

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In Belgium, LuciSun collaborates with several universities and research centers for the development of solar energy of various types, both for residential buildings and for the agricultural world. The team is also working with several public administrations to help them implement solar energy development more efficiently, or to analyse the operation of the existing photovoltaic installation park. ⚡ A local impact that shines!

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Their key clients include many photovoltaic project developers such as Pacific Hydro, UrbaSolar and Repsol, consulting firms such as Wood Group, PV Performance Labs and Syneria , committed banks such as Triodos and NGOs such as Common Energy. A wide range of delights!

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