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Created by 2 experienced former consultants in consulting and energy, Line Corner Consulting aims to become a key player in the Belgian energy ecosystem. How? By offering their clients consultancy services to help them make their positive impact projects a reality, boost their organization and create new (even) greener synergies!

And more concretely, how does it work? It's simple, Line Corner is a team of ambitious young (and not so young) people who are continuously training on the themes of energy transformation. For key players in the energy sector, Line Corner consultants analyse, advise and implement projects related to the Belgian energy transition. 🌱

Examples? If you want some, here it is:

  • Do you know about energy sharing ? This brand new concept allows solar panel owners to share their production with their neighbours. It's a great way to allow vulnerable people to benefit from green electricity. Line Corner was involved in the analysis and implementation phases of this solution in Wallonia.

  • Have you ever heard of smart meters ? These smart electricity meters are at the heart of the energy transition. They make it possible to collect information on the behaviour of Belgian consumers, to better anticipate the evolution of networks and to create new services (energy advice, preferential tariffs, etc.). Line Corner Consulting supports grid operators in all the challenges related to these new communication chains (metering systems, data, privacy, new offers, energy markets, etc.).

  • Does electric mobility mean anything to you? Electric cars emit 40-50% less greenhouse gases (GHGs) than their petrol equivalents. For this reason, a rapid transition from traditional carbon-based mobility to electric is underway. This is where Line Corner Consulting comes in: In particular, they help grid operators in the deployment of the Belgian electric charging station infrastructure and in the identification of solutions to simplify the life of electric vehicle drivers.

  • Do you want to work in connection with the evolution of the energy markets ? Energy markets are currently facing many challenges. They need to evolve to allow the transition to take place. However, in Belgium, energy is a complex subject. Sometimes it is a regional jurisdiction, sometimes it is a federal jurisdiction. This is one of the reasons why Line Corner helps actors to build bridges and regularly acts as a facilitator.

As you may have guessed, their customers are mainly energy suppliers, electricity/gas/heat network operators, and politicians,... ⚡ But in parallel to these large companies, Line Corner also carries out projects for smaller, innovative companies!

Nothing to get bored of, right? 

So, do you want to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition ? Line Corner is for you! 🚀

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The Line Corner team was originally the meeting of Antoine and Cédric: two experienced and passionate people in the field of energy. To meet the needs of the sector and the challenges of the energy transition, they decided to create a consulting company with a real scientific culture...

To do this, as you can see, they are looking to expand their team with teamworkers who are as motivated and ambitious as they are...

The team has already put together an internal training pack on the functioning of the Belgian energy market (isn't that beautiful?) and encourages the exchange of knowledge, in addition to promoting the popularisation of science... And a young structure also means an unlimited field of possibilities ! The team is looking forward to co-creating and sharing other ideas with their employé.es! 🤝

Oh yes, we haven't told you yet but at Line Corner, it's:

  • 500 coffees/teas drunk in just a few months: coffee & tea lovers will be the happiest in the world!

  • The first offices in an attic in startup mode

  • Ambition and impact

  • FUN is also one of the company's values.

What profiles are we looking for?

  • Well-made buds...

  • ... who want to do consultancy

  • ... in analytical, project management, and consulting roles...

  • ... with key players in the energy sector

You know what you have to do, don't you? 📝




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Line Corner Consulting helps key energy players make the right decisions and implement them to accelerate the energy transition in a sustainable way. The company is currently unable to respond to the requests addressed to it! That's why they want to grow with you🌱

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At Line Corner Consulting, the goal is also to have an impact internally! On a daily basis, they think about the best options to limit their impact, which is not always easy in this sector: Rational consumption, shared mobility, second-hand leasing vehicles, teleworking policy, etc. Game-changing extras!

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"Hands-on!": The team supports grid operators, electricity and gas suppliers and small/large companies in the reflection, design, prioritization and implementation of their energy transition projects. And this goes from the definition of the strategy to the implementation with the customer! 💻✨

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As a specialist in energy consultancy , the Line Corner team is accustomed to the challenges of energy players such as digital, intelligent asset management, team monitoring, electric mobility, IOT, AI, cybersecurity, etc. Impact solutions galore!

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The good news is that they are always looking for new talent...

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