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Lileo is a Brussels-based startup that has developed a new discreet, mobile and reliable breast pump in a rental ♻️ model

" Lileo's starting point is having seen my wife express her milk for 21 months for my two sons ," explains Jérôme Derycke, the co-founder. " I've seen the misery that it was and what's on the market right now is just not tolerable." 

So, with Anastasia and Gaël, they developed a breast pump in the shape of a transparent shell that is placed directly in the bra. It therefore goes almost unnoticed under clothing and is connected to a small pump that can be worn like a handbag. The mother does not have to take off her clothes to install it and can use it just about anywhere 🌍🔥

Quiet, the breast pump adapts to the body and fits comfortably into the bra. So you won't hear it when you're on the phone, it won't wake up your child and it won't be visible in the open space! 🤫

Lileo has also integrated a connected mobile application that allows for personalized pumping and breastfeeding support.

In short, Lileo wants to change the game for breastfeeding 💕 moms

Do you also want to dedicate yourself to improving the lives of mothers? Then join us! We look forward to welcoming 🚀 you

Contributes to the well-being of moms

Committed Startup

With and for women (+150 testers)

Innovation Starter Award 2023

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Lileo is a team of four dedicated people who work towards a world with more freedom and peace of mind for mothers. A world where women have the choices they deserve.

If you join the project, you'll meet Jerome, one of Lileo's co-founders, who oversees finance, product development, and day-to-day operations.

Anastasia, with whom he created Lileo, is in charge of supervising contact with mothers, product development and brand development.

The last co-founder of Lileo is Gaël. His role is to advise the team and make them take a step back to get the best possible product.

Finally, Yasmine is in charge of product development.




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Through a digital subscription model, the Lileo breast pump is the first smart breast pump that combines medical reliability in a portable, discreet, hands-free device, and digital access to professional support throughout breastfeeding. Lileo's long-term ambition is to become the best ally for women going through motherhood! 💕

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With its breast pump, Lileo is innovating in the medical sector and is committed to radically improving the lives of breastfeeding mothers. Lileo has developed a solution to offer moms more freedom, more time (about 60 episodes of your favorite series!) and peace of mind (20% more milk to feed baby). 🚀

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Whether it's out of modesty or fear of judgment, some moms may not want to breastfeed in public. With her breast pump, Lileo helps mothers to live their motherhood in a serene way and to no longer worry about the gaze of others and hide when they breastfeed. 💙

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