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For a regenerated society

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" Les Engagés " is a positive, civic and participatory political movement that brings together those who are committed, who have projects and who want to innovate and undertake. Thus, this new party wants to revive democracy and curb authoritarian postures that undermine freedoms. Indeed, "Les Engagés " instead proposes a civic alternative to simplism, populism and extremism in order to build an open, peaceful, creative and inclusive society.

To do this, the movement intends to make things happen by supporting a model opposed to that of infinite growth: regeneration. As we have seen for a long time, the infinite growth model is no longer sustainable. Yet, it still remains the dominant model in our society. Thus, regeneration is for all those who no longer believe in this old model and who wonder about the meaning of this headlong rush towards "always more", those who wonder what kind of world we will leave to the next generations.

These questions are essential and intend to be answered by regenerating 6 major pillars of our life in society. These include democracy, freedoms, prosperity and culture.

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Because "Les Engagés " is a participatory movement, it is only through the strength of collective action that it will succeed in making things happen. Thus, from parliamentarians to representatives and local representatives, all are committed to the field and who defend a new model of society together.

Joining "Les Engagés " means joining thousands of citizens who want to become agents of change by participating in actions on the ground, by campaigning, by sharing their expertise or by organizing events. 

It also means being happy to belong to a positive, citizen and participatory movement that is unique in Belgium !




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Due to the unsustainability of the current model of infinite growth, the " Les Engagés " movement advocates regeneration. Regeneration means going back to basics, both in our consumption patterns and in our actions. It means aiming for the common good and getting rid of superfluous agitations that do not add value to the public debate and the necessary transformation of our society.

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In the face of the energy, climate, health and social crises, we can feel like we are being stifled by a system without knowing how to bounce back. This is why "Les Engagés " advocates a new approach, that of change. To make its ideas a reality, the party has established several transformation plans that are levers for building a more sustainable, fairer and more harmonious world. These include climate, energy, taxation, labour, health, security and justice.

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Because political action is nothing without action on the ground, "Les Engagés " supports many associations that, on a daily basis, roll up their sleeves and work to build a fairer future. Le Jardin animé, Fondation I see, Compagnons Bâtisseurs, SAS BW,... " Les Engagés " are convinced that the associative fabric is the linchpin of a better world!

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