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Le Saint-Aulaye

The authentic bakery and pastry shop

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Since 1986, Saint-Aulaye has been an artisanal, gourmet and traditional bakery and pastry shop, which has become one of the references in Brussels.

Whether they are classic or new, breads, pastries and pastries have one thing in common: high standards in terms of quality, freshness and seasonality. To do this, Fabien Grégoire and Frédéric Dupont, Compagnons du Tour de France, develop recipes to perpetuate and ensure the transmission of their traditional knowledge to their teams.

They take the time to work with the ingredients so that they can give their best, through work, resting, fermentation, baking, glazing and decorating.

At Le Saint-Aulaye, they advocate traditional craftsmanship, respect for products, short circuits and 100% homemade! A rarity these days...

100% homemade bakery

3 shops in Brussels

All unsold items are donated to charities

100% handcrafted

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At Le Saint-Aulaye, they are proud of what they make! It is in a benevolent team spirit that they develop their talents and their "live my life" approach allows the managerial and operational teams to move forward together in a spirit of proximity.

Soft skills and know-how are principles highly valued at Le Saint-Aulaye, as is humility in order to cultivate an atmosphere that allows everyone to feel good, that allows mistakes and encourages the sharing of skills and ideas.

And if not, the highlights at Le Saint-Aulaye are the team building events and the famous annual staff meal!




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All unsold goods are donated to associations in order to be redistributed to people in need.

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Their line of conduct is respect (for the products and ingredients, the teams and the baking and pastry tradition). They go out of their way to deliver the best to their customers every day and every occasion.

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They are a local player in Brussels, creator of delicacies, healthy products (range of organic breads, gluten-free pastries and added sugar), with good ingredients where no compromise is made on quality (favor short circuits, organic flours, etc.) all this while developing talents through traditional craftsmanship.

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They take the time to prepare their breads and cakes at the rhythm imposed by nature (resting, rising, etc.). A rarity these days!

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