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La Chôm’Hier

Fight against social, professional and civic exclusion

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The aim of the Chôm'Hier AID association is to fight against the social, professional and cultural exclusion of people and groups from the working class. They aim at their professional emancipation, but also their social and civic emancipation.

They work to develop individual skills and also to fight for equality of resources and rights by training citizens who are actors in society.

Their activities combine training and access to employment, via training in literacy and hospitality for adults in difficulty, a homework school for newly arrived secondary school students and an educational restaurant (the K-Fête), in which they develop a social economy activity for integration.

The Chom'Hier AID association has received various awards and distinctions:  Accreditation in the social economy / Mandate in the social integration economy / Accreditation as a socio-professional integration operator / Approval in social cohesion / ONE ASBL approval supported by the Venture Philanthropy Fund

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It is a stone's throw from the Atomium that the Chôm'hier is installed.

From the classroom, to the kitchens, to the restaurant or to the administrative offices; It is in a warm and benevolent atmosphere that the different members of the association evolve.

Fun fact: the team took advantage of the restaurant's closure to repaint and renovate the premises.

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They train and support more than 100 people per year towards greater autonomy in their private and professional lives, through their training in literacy, hospitality and homework school.

They offer a place to meet and exchange around a healthy and local catering offer at low prices to local residents and workers in the neighborhood, via access to their restaurant: the K-fête (they favor organic and local purchases for the restaurant's supply).

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The majority of their audience is made up of migrants, newcomers or people who have only recently arrived in Belgium. In this way, they contribute to their integration and participation in social life in Belgium

They welcome underprivileged adults and children from the Brussels Region and support them through their various programmes and activities.

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They ensure that their environmental impact is limited through the rational use of energy, the reuse and recycling of paper and office equipment. They buy the computer equipment and furniture second-hand ♻️

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They ensure that their target audience is informed and made aware of environmental issues: waste sorting, energy, transport, sustainable consumption, etc. They have also set up a "donation" with free access to it that allows you to extend the life of clothes, toys, books, etc.

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