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Get to know Kras Jeugdwerk, the vibrant heart of youth welfare work in Antwerp! Based on the principles of diversity, support and socio-educational activities, Kras Jeugdwerk strives to create a space where every young person can flourish, regardless of their background or challenges. 🎈

Kras Jeugdwerk is an Antwerp-based organisation that offers various recreational activities for children and young people, specifically in underprivileged neighbourhoods where there is a lot of poverty and school dropouts . For the team, it is important that everyone can thrive without discrimination. Openness and inclusion, two fundamental values that are clearly reflected in everything they do!

Concrete examples include creative, social, cultural and sporting activities related to youth: football tournaments, theatrical performances, travel, performances, art classes, camps, exchange projects,... 🎨⚽🎭 There are plenty of opportunities to learn while playing! Whether during the school year or during holidays, from 6 to 25 years old, everyone is welcome in this haven of peace and joy where everyone can be themselves, take initiatives and grow!

Fun and relaxation, but also support when needed! For example, Kras Jeugdwerk helps newcomers who do not speak Dutch by means of playful learning, homework assistance or guidance in finding work. 🤝 But it doesn't stop there: the organisation's ambition is to make the voices of young people from the neighbourhoods heard and to actively involve them in both local and international social debates! Yes, the organisation is home to Belgium's very first official international debate centre, which is really something to be proud of! 🌟

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Those who work in the youth sector are part of a cheerful group of benefactors who want the best for the children and young people who are accompanied! 🧑 Inspired by the ambition to tackle social vulnerability in Antwerp, the team works daily with dedication, enthusiasm, conviction and creativity to build a bridge between young people and society. This positive, visible and meaningful impact drives them forward! 💛

At Kras Jeugdwerk, as you have understood, there is a place for everyone! Regardless of your origin or skin color, whether you want to volunteer , do an internship or get a job , their doors are open to all talents! A great deal of value is attached to personal development, active participation andthe taking of initiative... All the means to make a difference in the end while staying true to yourself! 🤗

The team has a passion for both having fun and working hard for the youth, but they also allow themselves theoccasional relaxation: twice a year a staff day, barbecues in the sun, team-building activities, and exchanges between colleagues... A close-knit team where passion rhymes with conviviality!

So, if the youth sector appeals to you and you feel like making a change, if you have a heart of gold and if children are your best friends, then you will definitely find your place at Kras Jeugdwerk. We are convinced of that! 😎




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Kras Jeugdwerk is deliberately active in underprivileged neighbourhoods of Antwerp. With attention to the social vulnerability of the children and young people in these areas, the team focuses specifically on themes such as well-being, education and inclusion of girls in the labour market, among others. The idea is to connect the youth with the society in which they live! 🌈

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The main goal of the Antwerp non-profit organisation is to provide a safe place where children and young people can grow up. Both physically and mentally, the team has created an environment where young people are accepted and encouraged to contribute to society, rather than just being tolerated

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Almost 40% of the population in Antwerp is under 30 years old... Yet their voices are often insufficiently heard in the public debate. To change this, J100 was founded, a platform where young people come together to discuss issues and themes that are important to the city. This initiative is supported by Kras and 10 other youth organisations, which organise regular meetings, discussion groups and neighbourhood walks. An initiative that gets things moving! 🤸

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In December 2023, the Kras Kiel project was inaugurated as the very first official international debating centre in Belgium! With funding from EU grants, this centre aims to create critical thinkers and voices in Europe. The recognition it has received is the result of more than 10 years of training and international exchanges in the field of debating. 🗣️ This is a success story that is far from over!

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