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Kéfir Eau Vertueuse

Brewed to be alive!

  • Healthy Eating
  • Province of Walloon Brabant

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Kéfir Eau Vertueuse is a Belgian micro-brewery that produces fermented drinks made from fruit kefir, healthy, refreshing, naturally sparkling, organic, sugar-free and alcohol-free !

Fruit kefir is a kind of frothy lemonade made from natural ferments: kefir grains, which contain billions of good microorganisms. Rich in probiotics, promoting intestinal well-being and strengthening the immune system, kefir can be consumed at any time of day when you're feeling thirsty !

Kefir Eau Vertueuse is therefore a real elixir of life but also an excellent alternative to overly sweet, chemical or even alcohol drinks!

Indeed, the Kéfir Eau Vertueuse brand was born from the frustration of Mary who, pregnant, always had to order sparkling water every time she went for a drink or an aperitif at a friend's house. Thus, with their partner Adrien, the couple, winemakers by training and active in the world of wine in Bordeaux, turned to this healthy and original drink.

By creating Kéfir Eau Vertueuse, Mary and Adrien want to change people's eating habits by offering them a perfect alternative to a soda, beer, wine or water.

Already available in more than 300 points of sale in Belgium and abroad, Kéfir Eau Vertueuse aims to expand throughout Europe. Would you like to be part of this expansion? So, don't wait, join us !

100% organic

Craft Beverages

Brewed in Belgium

In 300+ points of sale in Belgium

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Kéfir Eau Vertueuse is a local, authentic, family-run micro-brewery, where the human aspect is paramount and where everyone can flourish. Here, daily life is made up of challenges and successes, trials and collaborations, exchanges and complicity.

Indeed, Kéfir Eau Vertueuse is fortunate to be a fast-growing company with a lot of collective successes and moments of sharing. Of course, they can sometimes face certain difficulties, but they all overcome them together every time.

The team also regularly organizes drinks, meals, breakfasts, tastings and teambuilding events and makes it a point of honor to be friendly and part of the team. 

In short, Kéfir Eau Vertueuse is a big family !




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By marketing its drinks, Kéfir Eau Vertueuse wants to change mentalities and help people move towards a better diet and a better lifestyle. Thus, its fruit kefir is organic, local, good, healthy and sugar-free! 

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Kefir Eau Vertueuse is the cheapest on the market because it wants to allow a certain accessibility so that everyone can afford to consume a healthy drink with so many health benefits.

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Eau Vertueuse Kefir drinks are the only sugar-free kefirs that can be stored for 1 year at room temperature, so no need for a fridge for transport or storage. A quality that many foreign breweries envy !

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From the peeling of the lemons to the choice of coloured capsules to embellish the packaging, each gesture is done in an artisanal way in their brewery located in Walloon Brabant. It is therefore a 100% Belgian company and proud of it !

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Kéfir Eau Vertueuse is attentive to its ecological footprint. As a result, all bottles are returnable in order to save the energy that would have been required to produce and transport raw materials to make new containers.

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