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How can a regenerative economy be deployed by making it the reference model? This is the mission that the non-profit organisation Kaya has set for itself.

Bringing together those who do business differently
Kaya is the Belgian coalition of ecopreneurs. It brings together companies that want to make a sustainable contribution to the preservation of nature and human flourishing. Entrepreneurs of the ecological transition, the members are 'game changers', whether they are self-employed, small or medium-sized enterprises. They are aware that linear business models, taking into account only economic indicators, are no longer sustainable, and that it is now urgent to undertake differently.

It all started in April 2019 when, in the wake of the climate marches, Kaya decided to join forces with 50 companies  to form the Business Coalition for the Ecological Transition.

Carrying the voice of ecopreneurs
Kaya wants to be a spokesperson for ecopreneurs in the political and economic world. Their ambitions are high when it comes to sustainability. This implies radical systemic changes. Within the ecological transition movement, Kaya favours collaboration: with academics as in the Sophia plan, or with other associations or non-governmental organisations. It aspires to contribute to the emergence of a resilient, supportive and sustainable society.

Making the case for a regenerative economy
Kaya's goal is to accelerate the ecological transition. It advocates for a paradigm shift, for the adaptation of the economy to climate, environmental and societal challenges, to make it compatible with planetary boundaries. The company must reinvent itself and establish a new relationship with the living, remedy the exploitation it makes of nature and regenerate it for the benefit of future generations. It will be all the more resilient if its stakeholders are committed to a mission that is meaningful and impactful for the common good.

Does acting collectively for a better world resonate with you? If so, then join Kaya's dream team!

More than 500 companies involved

Goal: a regenerative economy

Ecological and solidarity-based transition of the ...

Ecopreneur ecosystem

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The Kaya coalition and Ecopreneurs Belgium have merged to form a single non-profit organisation. This new alliance collaborates with Belgian entrepreneurs in the transition. By working together, these two structures give more weight to their actions.

Kaya brings together more than 250 companies that develop the sustainable economy in Belgium.

The association's membership is now mainly made up of volunteers. They want to create a bigger, younger, more dynamic team, with the common goal of building a better world.

Future employees will have the chance to be at the forefront of this major project of today and tomorrow.




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Kaya addresses four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations: (9) Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; (11) Sustainable cities and communities; (13) Combating climate change; (17) Partnerships for the achievement of the Goals.

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Faced with climate issues, Kaya puts forward a plea, consisting of 10 flagship measures for a regenerative economy. The main goal is to aim for an 80% reduction in global emissions by 2030.

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By supporting local producers and processors, Kaya has a positive impact on the food and agriculture sectors. By requisitioning unoccupied housing for the homeless, it also acts in terms of housing.

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In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, Kaya helped create the Sophia Plan, in which 105 transition scientists proposed an economic recovery different from the status quo. In May 2020, this plan was proposed to the Prime Minister and Regional Minister-Presidents as well as to all party leaders. Since then, those who contributed to the development of the Sophia Plan have been regularly intervening with specific local ministries to envision a sustainable and resilient economic recovery.

For all these reasons, we are proud to support the Kaya Coalition.

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