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Kami Store is zero waste above all.

Kami Store is an e-commerce wholesaler committed to the zero waste movement. It offers a range of eco-friendly products for organic shops, bulk grocery stores and webshops. Inspired by the Japanese village Kamikatsu, where more than 80% of waste is recycled thanks to a unique sorting center, Kami Store wants to raise awareness of the importance of consuming less but better. 

One goal: zero waste

Since 2020, this small team has been making zero-waste accessories available on its site, ranging from hygiene products to decorative objects. Together with many stores across Europe, Kami Store strives to improve consumer habits to reduce the amount of single-use waste. That's why their brand catalog is growing more and more every month. 

By professionals, for professionals

Designed for professionals, their website offers an online ordering and grouped delivery system to make shopping as easy as possible. To top it all off, Kami Store's fast and flexible logistics system takes care of providing professionals with the best possible service. 

Thus, by joining Kami Store, you will be able to make your contribution to the zero waste movement while concretely measuring the positive impact of your actions. So, what are you waiting for to apply?

Zero Waste Commitment

76 million single-use products avoided

Partnerships with more than 450 stores

European network

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Kami Store is a small, passionate and close-knit team that relies on common values of respect and benevolence to build a more sustainable world. The members work at the Circularium, a former 20,000 m2 warehouse, which is now a major innovation centre in Brussels for everything related to the circular economy.

At Kami Store, they love to spend time together. Every month, team aperitifs, discovery outings, sports tournaments between start-ups and other afterworks are organised. 

Fun fact: Kami Store was launched two weeks before the first lockdown! However, they managed to convince 260 stores in the first year to use their platform. Today, more than 450 stores trust them. So, are you ready to join them? 




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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2.7 billion tonnes of municipal waste are generated each year by the countries of the European Union. The zero waste movement, of which Kami Store is a part, is trying to regulate this trend. This explains why Kami Store's catalog is made up of products designed to reduce the amount of single-use waste. Whether they are hygiene products or home accessories, the products sold on the site go against overconsumption. Thus, since its launch, the brand has sold more than 250 thousand products, the equivalent of about 76 million single-use products avoided.  

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However, Kami Store does not stop there: they also work with local committed Belgian brands, such as the soap factories Habeebee and Indigène, which they help to develop throughout Belgium. In addition, by reusing more than 5 tons of cardboard packaging from companies in their neighborhood to ship their orders, Kami Store confirms its commitment to the circular economy. 

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The platform also publishes a newsletter to raise awareness among its customers on important topics such as women's rights, healthy sanitary protection and cosmetics. 

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Finally, to allow their customers to see, touch or test zero-waste products before adding them to their store, the company offers the " Kami Showroom ". This warehouse in Brussels allows Kami Store to exhibit all the products of its brands. Every piece of furniture, table and carpet in the showroom is second-hand. Because, for Kami Store, it is essential to remain aligned with its values. And that's why we support them! 

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