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Organic, sustainable and ethical linens

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A line of organic, ethical, fair-trade, high-end, soft and wonderfully comfortable linens, all at fair prices? You dreamed of it, Kalani did it! 🧸

Founded in 2016, Kalani is a Belgian textile e-commerce brand that makes it a point of honour to promote values such as environmental protection, traceability and sustainability of raw materials, all with integrity and transparency. 🌱 These spearheads guide Kalani's mission on a daily basis in order to offer household linen (bed, table and bath sheets, loungewear and bedding) in local washed linen or 100% natural organic cotton, GOTS and/or Fairtrade certified, all made in Europe! Enough to feel like in a five-star hotel (eco-responsible) straight from home... 🛌✨ Isn't that beautiful? 

Putting your talents at the service of Kalani is above all about making a reasoned choice. What for? Because it means joining an ecosystem in favor of a more balanced, fairer, healthier consumption pattern, more respectful of the planet and above all of well-being in the broadest sense! Since the creation of the brand, Kalani has been part of a holistic approach integrating social criteria into their products, choices and actions, in particular through the meticulous choice of all the actors in their production chain. 🤝 Whether it's for the farmers who grow their textile fibres, their production workers , the company's employees and other partners, but also its tens of thousands of customers across Europe (no less!), respect for the living is the order of the day! 🌾 

We are even told that the company has recorded double-digit growth every year since its creation... In a sector as competitive as the textile world, we can say that this is a nice Belgian success story ! 🌟

When you work at Kalani, it's impossible to get up on the wrong foot! 😄 So, what are you waiting for to join them?

Organic, sustainable and ethical home textiles

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Are you looking for a job with a positive impact in a human-sized structure, where each individual is part of a collaborative ecosystem, where everyone contributes to their skills and talents and desires? All with a good vibes and a good mood? 😄 You've come to the right place!

Indeed, the advantage of a small structure like Kalani is that the team is encouraged to take initiative, to be creativeversatile and autonomous, while keeping a strong team spirit: everyone collaborates, helps, inspires and is inspired, trains and is trained, learns and evolves so that the ecosystem progresses at the same time as the brand. 💙 The founder of the brand is also very present, listening, and works in close collaboration with all the other members of the team... Cool, right? And then there are countless unifying opportunities for bonding such as the unmissable Christmas dinner, restaurants with colleagues or creative team buildings. We were also told that all the members of the Kalani team were motivated when they got up in the morning and that they weren't even tired at the end of the day... A beautiful energy that makes everyone happy to go to work and pleased to find back their (beautiful) sheets (in organic cotton) in the evening! 🌜

So, if you want to join a brand committed to strong values, in a pleasant and inclusive work environment, accessible by public transport, with warm colleagues who have projects in the pipeline... Don't hesitate, Kalani is looking forward to you! 🤗




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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At Kalani, the entire supply chain is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified , which means that the raw materials are organic and grown without chemicals (pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers). They therefore do not contain GMOs or toxic fine particles. A strong commitment to everyone's health! 🧡

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Sustainable production practices therefore do not pollute water, soil or air, avoid overconsumption of water and preserve the environment and biodiversity. 🌻🐝 Traceability also limits the use of processing products (washing, dyeing, printing,...) in all production and manufacturing processes of textile products.

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For its linen product ranges, Kalani has chosen to work with local linen, spun in Italy (which does not make a round trip to China like 80% of the fibers) and woven and made in Portugal.

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By selling almost exclusively online, the company greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the distribution networks of traditional stores, but above all the potential travel of each customer! Promoting logistics that are as environmentally friendly as possible is also an important point for Kalani: transport by boat rather than by plane and a minimum of road transport is a realistic and win-win recipe for everyone! 🌍

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To offset their remaining CO2 footprint, the team decided to participate in an offsetting project, financing photovoltaic panels in India. A project that makes sense when you know that a large part of the textile production comes from there. By supporting them in their ecological projects on site, Kalani participates in a committed virtuous circle that continues to evolve every day!

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Did you know that each kilo of organic cotton jersey bed sheets, for example, saves the planet 1483.8 liters of water compared to producing one kilo of conventional cotton bed sheets? This equates to a 96% reduction in water consumption! 💧 Crazy, right?

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Kalani works with suppliers whose working conditions and remuneration are fair and respectful, all verified by regular SA 8000 audits. Their cotton is purchased from farmers in the "Best Practice" organic cotton cooperatives in the provinces of Odisha, Telangana and Maharashtra in central India, and the team visits the country regularly. 👨 🌾 A consideration and recognition that we welcome!

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