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JobYourself is the Brussels entrepreneurial support cooperative that has been working for more than 10 years to make entrepreneurship more accessible. JobYourself and its business cooperatives, employment and business owners offer a range of solutions for undertaking business with less risk.

JobYourself has created 719 businesses since 2010, more than 434 people have returned to work, 195 entrepreneurs are testing their activities and more than 432 are preparing their projects.

It offers both support in preparing an entrepreneurial project (reflection on the business plan) and an invoicing service through the business cooperatives that lend their VAT number to prospective entrepreneurs.

For 18 months, JobYourself offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to test the viability of their project on the market and decide if they want to start their own business on an objective basis.

JobYourself strives to make itself accessible to as many people as possible by focusing on Brussels job seekers who want to create their own job. She accompanies them with coaching, administrative support and accounting portage.

Why join JobYourself?

To support even more Brussels entrepreneurs and take part in this great adventure to make entrepreneurship accessible to as many people as possible, to create local employment and socio-economic well-being.

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More than 700 companies created

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Social Economy Award and Diversity Label

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Joining JobYourself means joining an organization where people and the collective are very important! We all need meaning in our work and the members of JobYourself find it in what is at the heart of their business: making entrepreneurship more accessible and, through this mission, supporting job creation in Brussels.

A team motivated by the same objective: to support entrepreneurs in the creation of their own jobs. JobYourself is there to guide them and lead them towards autonomy. So there is no failure. Those who stop along the way have been able to test their project and gain a network, experience, the discovery of themselves, their talents and skills,... all of which are beneficial for their professional future.




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The vast majority of JobYourself supports Brussels entrepreneurs who want to develop and create their own business, most of them in Brussels and the surrounding area... More local, there is no one and, as soon as possible, JobYourself  calls on the products or services of these entrepreneurs!

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JobYourself allows people to gain confidence, feel valued and develop entrepreneurial skills regardless of the outcome of their project. These skills are beneficial for the rest of their professional career. It is thanks to JobYourself's coaching that the people supported will discover that they are entrepreneurs or not, that they will become fully active in their career. JobYourself is there to guide them and lead them towards autonomy.

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JobYourself accompanies any status (subject to the agreement of the mutual insurance company) with priority for people registered with the CPAS and for the unemployed!

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Renovated premises in the circular economy, bulk sugar, milk jugs, eco-responsible, local or fair trade supplies... JobYourself tries as much as possible and on several levels to have this attention in the choice of their service providers and supplies and all this with entrepreneurs supported by JobYourself!

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