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Accelerating the consumption of ethical and sustainable coffee in Belgium? That's Javry's mission!

Since 2015, Javry has been providing affordable quality coffee while supporting local coffee farmers. The company offers a coffee subscription service that allows anyone to receive an exceptional responsible coffee in their mailbox every month. Very quickly, it was a success. In 2017, Javry decided to extend its offer to professional coffee lovers by offering them a coffee machine rental service for their offices.

Their unique concept came about as a result of an astonishing observation.  Indeed, one of the co-founders realizes that it is impossible to buy quality fair trade coffee without having to go to a specialized store, often very far from home.  From this frustration, the co-founders took the seed and launched !

Javry sublimates coffee thanks to sustainable agriculture, artisanal local roasting and eco-responsible packaging. The company is driven by strong values and wants to offer the best of coffee to its customers. To their delight, coffee lovers can also find gift boxes, coffee makers, coffee accessories or various teas and sweets in the shop.

Today, Javry continues to satisfy individuals and professionals alike without losing sight of its deepest ambition: to respect the planet as well as people by providing quality, responsible and affordable coffee.

So, are you ready to join the caffeinated adventure?

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The Javry team is above all a passionate and committed team, happy to provide exceptional coffee to Belgian companies and individuals.

In addition to his love for coffee, Javry puts people at the heart of his priorities. At least once every two years, part of the team visits partner coffee farmers based in Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, etc. This makes it possible to build long-lasting relationships with its partners.

Joining Javry means working alongside a young team and evolving in a great ecosystem : Kicker, daily standup, team sport, biannual team building, bathroom at the office, rest room... Enough to flourish as a team while cultivating your love for coffee !




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Javry has opted for sustainable agriculture and aims to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible.

Javry coffees are all responsibly sourced with a focus on a direct relationship between coffee farmers and customers. By working in this way, Javry guarantees long-term coffee quality, at an affordable price, while valuing the work and know-how of coffee growers. The latter are part of a sustainable agriculture approach, concerned with nature. Today, Javry works with 12 farms directly to provide the best coffee to its customers.

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Even when it comes to packaging, Javry continues to advocate eco-responsibility ! Their coffee is delivered in bulk or packaged in kraft packaging. These are made from organic materials and are labelled OK Biobased. Their OK Compost and OK Biobased labelled capsules are 100% biodegradable and can follow the path of industrial compost without any problem !

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And who says quality coffee, also says organic coffee! At Javry, 50% of their sales are organically grown coffees. They are certified organic by the Certisys control body.

Since nothing is left to chance, the Javry team makes every effort to promote the circular economy. In their workshop, they give their machines a second life and use reusable containers for transporting coffee. Thanks to this initiative, 1.5 tons of cardboard waste are avoided each year !

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The little + : Within the team, everyone has a role to play in minimizing the impact on the planet. Employees prioritize mobility and in total, 80% of them come to the office by bike!

In 2020, Javry received the Eco-dynamic Company label, which promotes their eco-management approaches: soft mobility, waste reduction, rational use of energy, etc. Since its launch, Javry has been committed at all levels and that is why we are proud to have them on board.

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