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Does hemp ring a bell? 

The sustainable construction company IsoHemp makes this material the basic element of its flagship product. By adding water to this natural component, they have created a unique bio-based material that provides optimal thermal and acoustic insulation as well as water and fire resistance. This eco-friendly brick, suitable for the construction of residential houses, apartments and industrial buildings, has a low environmental impact and does not require highly skilled labor. Thanks to this innovation, IsoHemp is the market leader in low-carbon buildings. Their goal? Building "zero-carbon homes" in an increasingly sustainable world.

In fact, the IsoHemp adventure, initiated by 3 entrepreneurs, is now a great success. Indeed, over the past ten years, IsoHemp has won several victories. Labelled "Efficient Solution" by Solar Impulse in 2020, the SME is also supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Wallonia.

2021 is the year of the inauguration of the new state-of-the-art production plant in Fernelmont, near Namur. More than one million blocks of hemp are produced each year in this factory. It thus ushers in a new era, synonymous with better production conditions and improved product quality.

If you too want to build a sustainable building industry, join the IsoHemp dream team!

Eco-construction sector

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18,512 tonnes of CO² saved

Solar Impulse Label 2020

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Moving in the same direction is essential at IsoHemp. That's why kindness and team cohesion are the order of the day. In this human-sized SME, "natural building" starts with "teambuilding". Indeed, every year, they organize an event with accommodation and sports or cultural activities to solidify the links.

But this occasion is not the only moment of exchange. They welcome athletes into the team and that is why yoga classes are organized in companies and jogging, cycling and walking groups are naturally formed. Simple everyday occasions such as birthdays, Candlemas, the Epiphany cake... become pleasant moments of sharing.

A little extra: the budding pastry chefs of the team do not hesitate to share their creations. If you're not afraid of gaining weight, don't hesitate! 




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At the local level, IsoHemp promotes short supply chains and partnerships with local companies, suppliers and subcontractors. In addition, the lime is selected from suppliers who are attentive to the energy costs involved in such production.

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Thanks to all the Isohemp projects, 18,512 tonnes of CO² (equivalent to 32,000 round-the-world car trips) have been saved. Once used, all the waste is sorted and then re-injected into the production line and the wastewater is recycled: waste emission is almost non-existent. 

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IsoHemp's mission is to bring the building industry towards a sustainable, carbon-negative future. In order to achieve the European targets of 2050, they are developing a technology that is both natural and effective. " Naturally efficient " is IsoHemp's motto!

It is for all these reasons that we are proud to support IsoHemp. 

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