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Becoming an everyday superwoman

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Becoming a superwoman starts from the inside and Insentials understands that!

Whether you're a career woman, a supermom, a housewife, or a combination of all three, it doesn't matter. Low metabolism, weight fluctuations, persistent fatigue, hormonal problems, aging skin: as a woman, you will come to a time when you will have to deal with female ailments. Existing treatments are often too reactive. But prevention is just as crucial, both physically and mentally.

Insentials' mission is to help all women lead healthy, worry-free lives by supplementing the nutrient deficiencies that every woman faces. No need to worry about essential vitamin deficiencies, because we take care of them. We only sell the truth. Being a superwoman starts on the inside.

We are against miracle messages. Together, we are laying the foundation for your sustainable future. That's why we've developed a holistic approach with 5 "e"s: - e.xercise - e.xpertise - e.cology - e.ssentialise.

In addition to our love for the female body, we also care about the planet. So we strive to reuse materials whenever possible!

Wellness & Health

The natural vitamin supplement

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A community of super-women

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Insentials isn't just a brand. This is a group of women who, before they could take care of others, learned to take care of themselves. Health experts and rightly so! Passionate about nutrition and sports, they share these hobbies as a team; jogging, cooking activities, walks in the forest, etc.

The environment is one of the concerns of the Insentials team, as well as the work environment! That's why they will soon be opening their brand new offices in Ghent. For them, a good brainstorming session takes place in a stimulating setting and always accompanied by their favorite drink: Bubble Tea.

At Insentials, passionate about fashion, they are open to all styles and styles of people. Openness to others is the order of the day.




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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Women's health and the environmental cause are Insentials' commitments.

Food supplements that take into account the real needs of the female metabolism and are designed from varied and quality products according to their needs. "100% scientific, 0% Bullshit" is the brand's motto.

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Qualified health experts who know what they are talking about and who advocate transparency and effectiveness of their product. 100% capsule dosage. No padding, only the quality and natural essentials in their dietary supplement.

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Insentials is committed to reuse and has therefore developed its Pharmacy Jar, a glass container, a 100% recyclable material intended for refilling capsules without producing a new container.

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Thus preserving the planet from new waste, encouraging reuse and raising awareness of waste.

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