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An online platform that turns neighbours into everyday heroes? 🦸 ♂️ It exists! At Helpper, every click is a new opportunity to connect and provide help that can facilitate (or even change!) lives ... Ready? We'll take you through their success story!

Founded in 2017 by Antwerp entrepreneur François Gerard, Helpper was born when his father was diagnosed with ALS. During this period, François' father could always count on the warm support of a neighbour who regularly lent a helping hand with all kinds of small daily tasks. Inspired by this kindness and faced with the limitations of traditional home care, François had the idea to develop an innovative peer-to-peer platform that connects people in need of help with helpful neighbors. 👬🏡

But how exactly does it work? 🤔 It's simple: the platform connects users with recognized disabilities and care organizations that sometimes need help with daily tasks (such as transportation, grocery shopping, companionship,...) with flexible and enthusiastic neighborhood assistants. No unnecessary frills at Helpper! Driven by social impact, the team is committed to people, WITH people. 🤝 A win-win for everyone, as the assistants are recognized and compensated for their invaluable contributions!

What once started with a knock on the door of a neighbour has now grown into a sharing economy platform that connects thousands of people in Flanders and Brussels... Success stories like that ask for more, don't they? 🥳

Online peer-to-peer platform

Sharing economy

More than 5000 times help provided

In Flanders and Brussels

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A true blend of creative ideas and diverse expertise, Helpper's team works with solidarity and dedication every day.

Their core values? Transparency, passion and authenticity: at Helpper, everyone has the opportunity to fully develop their talents! Do you have a great idea, read something interesting or want to attend an inspiring conference? Be sure that you are given the space to do so (and let your future colleagues benefit from it)! Each member adds their own personal touch, creating a pleasant, dynamic and stimulating working environment. This is one of their greatest strengths: the team strives to cultivate an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. In short, it's good to be yourself! 💙

At Helpper, you are part of an ecosystem in which helpfulness is key. Some employees are happy to take on the role of assistant on a regular basis by offering help in their own neighborhood. "Practice what you preach" is the motto that perfectly sums up the company culture! 💪

There is even a suggestion box where all kinds of initiatives are submitted. Whether it's an ideal team building, fun ideas or their favorite snacks and drinks, the sky is the limit! 🚀 As proof, since its inception, the team has already been able to enjoy a free lunch on Mondays, fresh soups, fruits/nuts and a little refresh for their office, among other things! Yes, at Helpper, every vote counts and taking initiative is not only encouraged, but rewarded!

The icing on the cake? 🍒 Helpper offers hybrid work, flexible working hours, fun incentives, all in the heart of Antwerp! So, do you want to play an impactful role within a fast-growing scale-up, full of development opportunities? Helpper is for you!




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At Helpper, proximity is woven into the DNA: no more need to look far for help... The neighbors who are ready to lend a hand are just a click away! Thanks to the Helpper platform, more than 5000 help connections have already been made!

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Their impact data for 2022 shows that 35% of users experienced more social interactions thanks to Helpper, and a whopping 71% felt more independent. 💚

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Every year, the team participates in the Urban Trail with a person in a wheelchair. In this way, their ambition is to convey a message of hope: everything is possible as long as you have help, even if you have a disability. 🙌

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Their pride? Supporting organizations that are committed to the community and/or people in need of care. 💪

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For the assistants, it is also a source of recognition, a sense of purpose and contribution to the greater whole. The nice extra? A legal, paid collaboration thanks to the sharing economy. A virtuous circle that everyone can benefit from!

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