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Hearth Project is a project born out of a desire to change things, to recycle unsold food and to help people in need.

Founded in 2019 by Elliott Van de Velde and his wife, the goal of Hearth Project is to provide meals prepared from unsold food to people in precarious situations. To do this, the project is self-financing through the organization of gastronomic dinners advocating zero waste.

Does Elliott's face ring a bell? It's normal, he was one of the three Belgian contestants of season 13 of Top Chef!

It all started in 2018 when Elliott took part in a campaign to support the importance of surplus food management. Through it, he is confronted with the striking reality that hides behind the doors of many distribution networks: in one day and in just one store, he was able to recover 134 kg of food that was destined for the trash. Why? Out of stock, expiration of dates or vegetables are deemed too "ugly" to be sold.

Faced with this observation, Elliott changed his approach to food and created, with the help of volunteers and partners, the non-profit organization "Hearth Project".

The success was such that in 2022, they were able to open the "Entropy Restaurant", a sharing space advocating anti-waste and whose profits are donated to the Hearth Project association in order to fight against precariousness and social exclusion.

The non-profit organisation also organises activities related to the fight against food waste such as "impact" team buildings, culinary events, volunteer sessions, etc.

Are you also driven by the desire to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive world? Would you like to participate in a project that has a real impact on the planet and society? If so, join the team!

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Gastronomy with impact

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Elliott and Adeline, the co-founders of The Hearth Project, are two complementary personalities.

After more than 10 years of experience in the events industry, Elliott Van de Velde turned to gastronomy and cut his teeth with the greatest Brussels chefs (Isabelle Arpin, Yves Mattagne, Charles Kaisin).

For her part, Adeline has worked for almost 10 years in the international corporate world and now brings structure and vision to the project.

Joining the non-profit organisation Hearth means joining a committed and eclectic team bringing together self-taught profiles from the Michelin-starred community and volunteers driven by the desire to solve the problems of food waste and hunger in the world.




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The approach of the non-profit organisation Hearth responds to 3 complementary areas of action: the prevention of food waste, the social impact and education through training.

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Hearth Project is above all an innovative project that combines gastronomy and social impact in the heart of Brussels. It is also because this project responds to the capital's sustainable development strategies that many initiatives and public authorities wanted to support the association.

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The non-profit organisation helps to combat social exclusion by creating various community projects such as meal sharing, or workshops allowing people in need to develop useful skills to enable them to find their place in their professional lives.

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Hearth Project acts as a distributor and helps social organizations by turning unsold food into meals to feed people in need. It also helps these organizations optimize their production and distribution in a sustainable way.

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As you can see, Hearth Project is first and foremost a local, sustainable and societal project focused on anti-waste and precariousness. It is for all these reasons that Meet My Job is proud to support the non-profit organisation Hearth Project!

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