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Do you want to recycle your organic waste indoors in an aesthetically pleasing and odourless way? It's possible thanks to Greenzy !

Greenzy is a start-up that aims to raise awareness among as many people as possible about sorting organic waste. To do this, she has designed a composter like no other... An odourless, connected and super stylish indoor composter!

Every day, you add your organic waste: food scraps, citrus peels, eggshells... Each organic waste takes about two months to turn into mature compost. You don't need to be a great expert to take care of it. Greenzy has developed a fun and educational application that guides you every step of the way. The composter is made up of sensors that ensure that it is in good condition. If something goes wrong, the app sends you a notification right away!

Greenzy was born thanks to 3 committed young co-founders who put technology at the service of the environment. The start-up is the winner of the BeCircular 2021 for its innovative and circular nature and was also elected student start-up of the year 2019.

A little anecdote: for the launch of the composter, Greenzy launched a crowdfunding campaign that reached 100% of its objectives in 2 days!

Recovery of organic waste

Odourless and connected indoor compost

BeCircular Winner 2021


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Greenzy is an ultra-motivated team with strong values!

Working at Greenzy means having a job that makes sense, that allows you to be independent in your work and in which your opinion really carries weight. At Greenzy, they love to take initiative and come up with ideas. You will evolve alongside a young and dynamic team, and above all very close-knit! Indeed, many team building activities are organized at Greenzy such as team brunches, afterworks, birthday parties, escape games... In short, the good atmosphere reigns!

The little +: their premises are located at Greenbizz, a place full of inspiring and sustainable start-ups.

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It is important to know that 50% of our waste is organic waste and a household of 4 people produces an average of 1/2 ton of organic waste per year.

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Thanks to their composter, Greenzy helps preserve the planet and encourages as many people as possible to recycle their organic waste. By using this product, a household of 4 people will avoid 33 kg of CO2 emissions, taking into account the impact of manufacturing the product and using it for 5 years.

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In addition, the young start-up participates in the local economy by carrying out 99% of their production and assembly in Belgium. The easy-to-use composter is also easily repairable and allows each household to take action at its own level for a more sustainable future.

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Through their simple solution and connected application, Greenzy prevents waste from being buried or incinerated and raises awareness among individuals to adopt more eco-responsible gestures. That's why we're proud to support them!

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