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Lunch 2.0 at the office ? It was invented by Frigo Loco!

Forget the old-school canteens and freeze-dried soup from the coffee machine vending machine. Since 2020, Frigo Loco has been revisiting the concept of canteens, thanks to its smart fridges. The principle ? Employees can find fresh, healthy and tasty dishes and snacks. All they have to do is open the fridge with their credit card or smartphone, choose what they want to eat and the menu is done ! The icing on the cake : the Frigo Loco app allows them to know the ingredients and nutritional values of each dish.

Frigo Loco is a start-up active in the exciting and evolving world of Food Tech. Thanks to its smart and connected fridges, it revisits corporate catering through healthy and tasty dishes and snacks. For Frigo Loco, it's the local and seasonal ingredients that make the difference! Frigo Loco's partner chefs only work with seasonal and local ingredients from sustainable agriculture. What's more, this innovative start-up uses only sustainable packaging for these dishes, with CO2-neutral delivery!

Already well established in Brussels, Frigo Loco aims to expand to other Belgian cities. The ambition is to install 150 new fridges in companies, schools, hospitals and residential buildings and to be present in 4 cities, within 2 years.

Frigo Loco straddles the two exciting worlds of Tech and Food. Working at Frigo Loco is the ideal opportunity to join a rapidly evolving sector and to be able to contribute to the building while reinventing the canteen of tomorrow. Ready to join them on this adventure ?

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" Life in a start-up is about being able to do everything and be flexible. When we have to install a new fridge, we do it as a team and when we do a tasting session at a new customer's house, the whole team is there to make the mouths of our future locist fridges water!" 

As you can see, at Frigo Loco, mutual aid and solidarity are paramount! Dining outs, bike rides, concerts... These are all activities that members love to share as a team.

The bonus: A pleasant working environment on the edge of the Sonian Forest! And yes, the premises of Frigo Loco are located in a former yoga center, enough to stay zen in all circumstances!




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Local, healthy, fresh and transparent are all words that guide their daily actions!

At Frigo Loco, the local is part of their DNA. Their ambition is to recreate links between local businesses and entrepreneurs. The start-up then highlights local and artisanal know-how, which respects the soil and the seasons, all through healthy and fresh dishes offered in their connected fridges. At Frigo Loco, they carefully select their partners and only work with local caterers and restaurateurs who themselves source local and seasonal ingredients, from sustainable agriculture.

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Frigo Loco makes it a point of honor to respect our planet in many ways! Indeed, this innovative start-up is committed to using only recycled and recyclable packaging. More recently, they have implemented a zero-waste fridge process, with reusable containers. With this anti-waste model, they also hope to raise awareness among employees of the largest companies about the role we all have to play in reducing our ecological footprint.

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Solidarity is an essential value and that's why Frigo Loco redistributes all its unsold products to local solidarity fridge associations.

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Frigo Loco is committed to reinventing corporate catering to bring more local, fresh and healthy products while paying small producers in the region. It is for all these reasons that we are proud to support them.

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