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Free pour entreprendre is a dynamizer of student incubators.

Our ambition is to bring out the best innovative start-up projects that respond to societal and environmental challenges.

A dome structure of 5 incubators of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Free pour entreprendre brings together a community of 750 student-entrepreneurs and 70 experienced entrepreneurs who support their 450 entrepreneurial projects each year.

There are plenty of little shoots out there, Free pour entreprendre and its student incubators identify them, stimulate them, support them, train them, invent tutor forms... Because one day they could become nugget companies, collaborators, inspiring entrepreneurs.

Why should talent join Free to start a business?

"Because it's a rich challenge in a dynamic and bond-creating environment. Because it's a unique opportunity to develop your network with young people who want to move the lines." - Fany - Director of the non-profit organisation Free pour entreprendre.

A unique link between incubators and students

450+ projects supported

Responding to societal challenges

750+ student-entrepreneurs

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Created in 2003, the non-profit organisation Free pour entreprendre has been given a new lease of life following the arrival of Fany as director.

It is in an environment that brings together young entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs, funders and incubator directors that they build the entrepreneurial world of tomorrow.

It is not uncommon to meet the Free team during the various aperitif pitches and other events organized with the community of young entrepreneurs.

Working at Free means benefiting from a great deal of freedom of action, a flexible environment, an exceptional setting in See U and permanent meetings!




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50 %

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Our commitments to sustainable world

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Through their mission, they support the creation of young Belgian companies and stimulate sustainable projects that aim to develop in Belgium.

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Indeed, Free pour entreprendre helps 18-30 year olds to create their own company and/or non-profit organisation in every sense of the word and whose projects respond to environmental and societal issues such as Kazidomi, Happy Hours market, Froui, etc.

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They are located in the largest temporary occupation in Belgium, synonymous with social and sustainable innovation, learning and experimentation. It is within this ecosystem, which brings together more than 100 project leaders from the associative, economic, cultural, academic and educational worlds, that Free pour entreprendre takes up the challenge of stimulating the economy of tomorrow through entrepreneurship.

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Free pour entreprendre works exclusively with local service providers and young, conscious brands.

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