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Accelerating the transition to sustainable food

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It is in 2022 that the team is looking at two observations: first, there is a demand and a need to find products in returnable containers on the food market. Secondly, there is no link in the chain to manage the logistics of returning these returnable containers... And that's where FoodPrint's exciting adventure begins! 🚀

Today, FoodPrint distributes a wide range of food products, 80% of which are organic, and is working on various projects to make people (re)discover returnable containers in the food sector. This allows producers and retailers to accelerate their transition to sustainable food. 🌱 To achieve this, FoodPrint collaborates with 3 main players: local producers, an adapted work company - which employs people in integration and with disabilities - and a washable container washing centre. Working hand in hand for a common goal: to make the consigned industry a new sustainable lifestyle for years to come! 🥗

And pssst... Apparently, the little extra thing about working in the food industry is that there are always samples or products to taste on the shelves... We say that, we don't say anything! 😉

Sustainable, healthy and organic food

100% returnable worms

Circular economy

EU-supported and funded company

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Despite their (current) small team, the employé.es at FoodPrint have the chance to be part of a larger ecosystem , made up of several partner companies with whom they share their offices, their knowledge, their experiences and teambuilding moments, among others! There is strength in numbers, isn't there? And then, isn't it nice to work in a small company while having the advantage of being accompanied by larger ones? 😀

And since we always like to combine business with pleasure, the team usually combines these convivial moments with a product discovery, a visit to a producer or a team workshop, in order to brainstorm together on the development of their sustainable and circular economy project! She is also thinking about setting up monthly team aperitifs and weekly runs at lunchtime... Enough to enjoy the green and rural setting of their offices! 🏃🌾

The FoodPrint team regularly welcomes interns, for end-of-studies internships or short missions: an opportunity for the organization to benefit from a fresh and challenging look at their activities but also to learn, again and again! But that's not all: FoodPrint is also looking to expand the team with new nuggets on a permanent contract! A young and dynamic company, full of projects, turned towards the world of tomorrow and where co-building together is allowed (and encouraged), we want more! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

And finally, we have another piece of information that is very important for foodlovers... The team eats fries every Friday for lunch! A shocking argument, isn't it? 😏🍟




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Local? If you want some, here it is! The products sold at FoodPrint come mainly from a collaboration between 3 local companies : a 3rd generation food production company, an adapted work company that employs people with integration and disabilities - an essential partner for storage and order preparation - and finally a company that washes returnable containers .

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80% of the products sold by FoodPrint are certified organic ! 🌿 Who says healthy eating isn't within reach?

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Did you know that using the deposit system reduces the CO2 impact of a product's packaging by 79% compared to recycled glass?

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In the event of unsold or defective products, the company collaborates with the Red Cross in the form of food donations. 🥦🥪 There's no mess here!

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FoodPrint has been selected for its circular economy project as part of the "Waste-Resources 2021" call for projects of the Walloon Recovery Plan. It is also supported and financed by the European Union.

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At FoodPrint, these 8 key values are anchored at the heart of the company: pioneer, quality, sustainability, respect, cooperation, dynamism, fulfilment, team. A delicious cocktail full of meaning and commitment! 🌱

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