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Company canteens, has been? Certainly not! By offering a catering and company canteen service adapted to today's world, Foodiz stands out brilliantly by offering an innovative concept: a range of healthy, varied, sustainable lunches, prepared at home and delivered directly to the workplace... Isn't life beautiful? 🥪

In 2020, Quentin Walravens and Thibault Vanhaelen created Foodiz with the ambition of making each office a friendly place where employees have easy access to simple and gourmet lunches... But it was finally the health crisis that marked the (victorious) turning point in their history: it was at this time that Foodiz began to offer the delivery of company lunches at home, via an app, thus allowing employees to benefit from their meals, even in confinement! 

A revolution in the world of corporate catering! Today, Foodiz operates around 3 main divisions: their digital canteen (a digital platform that replaces the classic cafeteria), their catering service for corporate events (meetings, seminars, events,...) as well as a meal box delivery service. 🍝 All delivered responsibly, with love and professionalism, always! 

Every day, hundreds of home-cooked meals, with quality ingredients and as many local products as possible, are prepared in the kitchens of Foodiz, for more than 50 corporate clients (including Médecins Sans Frontières, Proximus and Danone). 🥗 Active in the fight against food waste, their dishes are made by the minute, according to orders, in order to minimize overproduction as much as possible...And if there is a surplus, Foodiz collaborates with companies specialized in the recovery of food waste

Resolutely focused on the future, Foodiz now counts among its clients the prestigious European Commission (no less!) and does not intend to stop at the Brussels territory: the company intends to gradually set up in Liège, Ghent, Antwerp and Hainaut. In five years' time, the start-up also plans to go international ! Be ready, Foodiz is coming! 🚀

So, are you ready to join a dynamic company where we put on a big dish on a daily basis? Join Foodiz now! 🍴

Healthy and sustainable food

Digital Canteen / Catering / Meal Boxes

Foodiz delights the European Commission

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taste of the team

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Working at Foodiz is first and foremost about joining a family of great food lovers, where the effervescence punctuates the employees' days. A telling example? The day they received a customer request for 500 brunch boxes for 4 people to be delivered in one day... A well-rehearsed logistics to implement for the team, which at the time only had 5 people at that time... And a well-executed challenge! And exclusively, we offer you an important element that has helped them stay on course: music! 🎶👨‍🍳

In addition to this effervescence, what characterizes the daily life of the team is the discovery of new recipes together, laughter, learning, adventure and culinary passion ! In fact, the team organizes an annual outing to a Michelin-starred restaurant to strengthen ties, in addition to the regular afterworks (which we were told were memorable). A team in which you feel good in your sneakers, we love it! 😄

If you too feel carried away by the dynamic energy and the desire to touch the stars (gastronomic or not), check out the job offers of Foodiz and join the brigade! 🚀⭐




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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Foodiz is revolutionizing corporate catering with a sustainable approach at all levels: carefully selected ingredients , a responsible delivery system and the use of reusable (and recyclable) containers. Their app emphasizes ecological responsibility in order to raise awareness among as many customers as possible.

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Aware that price and variety of dishes are key elements for consumers, Foodiz has adopted a flexible approach that makes it possible to satisfy everyone. The goal? Making sustainable lunches accessible to as many people as possible ! As you can see, there is something for everyone! 🥦🍲

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Foodiz is a company resolutely committed to reducing food waste: preparing meals by the minute, producing according to orders, all in order to minimize overproduction as much as possible. And for the times when this happens, Foodiz collaborates with companies that specialize in the recovery of food waste. ♻️

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At Foodiz, the choice was made to favor deliveries by group orders, by zone, and to serve the same customers five days a week. This approach significantly reduces the carbon impact associated with transport while helping to relieve traffic congestion in Brussels. In the coming weeks, we plan to make our deliveries (where possible) using cargo bikes.

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Foodiz's kitchens are housed in Greenbizz, a building designed in accordance with the principles of sustainability and energy efficiency, with the aim of reducing its environmental impact. On the menu: the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, solar panels to produce renewable electricity, rainwater harvesting, installation of filtration systems and the promotion of responsible water consumption practices.

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