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Finding a job is never easy, especially for young people without a degree. However, a motivated person is an employee pré in a company! It is from this observation that Exaris was born. Exaris is a temporary employment agency with a social purpose that works with young people aged 18 to 30 living in Brussels who do not have a secondary school leaving certificate (CESS). Their aim is to introduce young people to the labour market through temporary assignments, to familiarise them with the professional world and, ultimately, to integrate them into fulfilling work in the long term.

At Exaris, they make motivation more important than degrees in the world of work. Horeca, sales, industry, cleaning... These are all jobs that young people from Brussels with low qualifications can access ! Unlike traditional agencies, Exaris provides job coaching to each temporary worker. These accompaniments, individual or collective, allow many young people to be prepared as well as possible for their missions and to gain confidence. During the first weeks of the mission, the cooperative is committed to staying by their side in order to promote sustainable integration and the possibility of signing a fixed contract within the company.

Exaris is a much-needed boost for young people who are poorly qualified, but motivated to give the best of themselves. The team is looking for its future talents to participate in the socio-professional integration of young people in a world where work contributes to making a place for themselves in society. So, are you ready to join the adventure ?

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Working at Exaris means being part of a committed, socially focused and super close-knit team!

At Exaris, they love to spend time together : karaoke sessions, cooking classes, aperitifs at the Christmas market, restaurants at lunchtime... There is never a shortage of activities. Their favorite day? Christmas sweater day, of course ! This is an opportunity for the team to make quirky greeting cards.

The little +: At Exaris, success stories are commonplace. Some temporary workers that Exaris has coached find themselves as managers and in turn contact the cooperative to hire temporary workers. What could be better than seeing your hard work pay off? For the team, the bond of trust that is created with their candidates and their recognition is priceless.

By joining Exaris, you will be able to evolve in a positive environment, with high societal value and carry out various tasks, both social and commercial.




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In 2006, the number of job seekers among the less qualified young people in Brussels was constantly increasing and the unemployment rate among 15-24 year olds stood at 35%. In addition, one of the main difficulties encountered by these young people was the lack of preparation and guidance in their job search. Faced with these various observations, Exaris decided to roll up its sleeves by creating a unique organisation in Belgium at the end of 2006: individual coaching for temporary assignments as a springboard to a permanent job.

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Exaris is committed to the integration of young people into the professional world and raises awareness among companies to give young people without qualifications the chance to work for them. Their temporary employment agency with a social purpose allows Brussels residents without a diploma under the age of 30 to find a sustainable job. Thanks to them, 88.3% of their temporary workers sign an employment contract within one year of their temporary assignment.

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In addition to enabling young people to access stable employment, Exaris supports each temporary worker through coaching modules that promote self-esteem and confidence. More than just coaching, it is a real education in the professional world. Whether it's preparing for an interview, writing a CV or coaching during an assignment, these modules have a direct impact on candidates' lives and allow them to approach the world of work more serenely.

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At Exaris, the team is the key to success ! This agency is aimed at a young audience between 18 and 30 years old. Participating in coaching sessions with other job seekers in the same situation gives a boost and boosts self-confidence.

Through their services, Exaris has a direct impact on the youth unemployment rate and on their social and professional integration. That's why at Meet My Job, we're proud to support them.

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