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Do you also believe in building a fairer and more environmentally friendly world? You've come to the right place and we'll tell you why! 👇

Ethiquable Benelux is a real cooperative adventure at the service of fair trade and peasant and organic agriculture.

The cooperative offers a wide range of organically grown products, such as coffee, cocoa, fruit, cereals, spreads, spices (and many more!). It should be noted that each product marketed is the result of a close collaboration between producers, cooperatives and the passionate and exciting team at Ethiquable Benelux! 🍍

Carrying strong commitments and values, Ethiquable makes it a point of honour to guarantee a fair income and dignified working conditions for each producer.

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Peasant and organic agriculture

Fair trade

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Joining Ethiquable means being part of an ecosystem that works for people and the planet of tomorrow and where team spirit reigns supreme! 

An example? For the inauguration of their new premises and warehouse in Rhisnes in 2021, a big party was organized by the team. On the program: a farmers' market with a musical atmosphere, workshops and entertainment for young and old and, of course, a peasant and fair trade resto-bar. A real success! 🎉

And to strengthen the team spirit, the cooperative organizes an annual "kick-off" meeting. This year, it was: meeting in a pub and cultural team-building, followed by a good meal all together. Another point that creates a link is the team's annual visit to the headquarters of Ethiquable France to participate in a seminar and meet French colleagues. As you can see, conviviality and the desire to make things happen sustainably are also part of the busy daily life at Ethiquable Benelux. 

And the icing on the cake (fair trade chocolate, of course!)? After one year, employees have the opportunity to become shareholders in the cooperative. Almost the entire team is a shareholder and holds 50% of the voting rights at the General Meeting... A vision of the company that kicks us!

Do you feel part of the team? Are you ready to participate in a project that is rich in meaning and a vector of prosperity ? Join Ethiquable Benelux (it seems, there are always little treats in the office...)! 🍫




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Ethiquable collaborates with committed producers, mainly from the South, to guarantee dignified working conditions and a fair income for all. ⚖️ This makes it possible to enhance their traditional know-how. 

Since 2009, fair trade projects have had a direct impact on 48,990 producers in 27 countries.

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1 product, 1 project. This is the driving force behind Ethiquable, which strives to create a development and empowerment project for each producer. For example, a knowledge sharing on biofertilizers took place with a cocoa cooperative in Ecuador. A lasting impact, while respecting the independence of farmers' organizations.

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Ethiquable Benelux is part of the Fabrique Circuit Court (FCC), which brings together agri-food processing and distribution companies favouring short circuits.

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Uncompromising on the sustainable management of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity, the partner producers have organic farming practices: no pesticides, the practice of agroforestry and agroecology. 🌱

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Ethiquable is attentive to the ecological footprint through optimized transport and eco-designed packaging.

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At Ethiquable, every worker, regardless of their training and qualifications, participates in the management of the company. Participatory governance therefore allows associated workers to make their voices heard. For example, every month, an Agorascope (team meeting) is organized and everyone can bring the topic they want.

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