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Alone we go faster, together we go further

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The non-profit organisation "EntreChefs PME" is a unique network of business leaders who progress through mutual aid!

Active since 2007 in Belgium (a non-profit organisation created in 1974 in Quebec), the non-profit organisation brings together more than 180 business leaders (owners of SMEs with more than 10 employees) to support them at each stage of their entrepreneurial journey and in the different stages of their company's development.

Their mission: To bring together SME leaders and their successors so that they can progress through mutual aid.

The Group offers entrepreneurs and owners the opportunity to break their loneliness. On the agenda: challenges, authenticity, conviviality, discussions, partnerships... Opening up the field of possibilities together and giving choices in relation to a project, a problem, a strategy, etc., through collective intelligence help to move forward in reflection and make decisions.

Alone we go faster, together we go further!


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180+ members

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Joining EntreChefs PME (Belgium) means joining a human organization that aims to develop everyone's talents, while having a challenging job in contact with entrepreneurs and developing oneself in order to achieve common goals.

Zabou, who has been employed for 13 years: "Working in the group means moving forward as a team while having a lot of autonomy and having fun. Here, no two days are the same and they are challenging."

Outside of the covid period, the Belgian team goes to Quebec 3 times a year for training, participate in the G-500, etc...




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The societal and local impact of the non-profit organisation is important both through their primary mission, which is to break the loneliness of the entrepreneur in the face of the 1001 questions and decisions he has to make, and through sharing and collective mutual aid.

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Indeed, sharing with peers in all authenticity, without having to hide behind a mask, helps to grow and move forward.

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Participating in the "Group" has an impact on both the personal and professional lives of business leaders... This has a positive impact on the company, the teams but also indirectly on the families of employees.

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Issues related to the environment are at the heart of the non-profit association's support. Members are indeed sensitized and supported towards positive and continuous progress.

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