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Environmental protection, well-being and safety at work, sustainable growth, support, transition and sustainability of organizations... If these few words speak to you, the rest will please you!

Ecobel is an outstretched hand to companies to help them evolve sustainably, by supporting them in their ecological transition (diagnostics, legal compliance, compliance with standards, ,...) through an audit made up of professionals.

To do this, the organization gravitates around 3 main dimensions, convinced that sustainable organizations are those that seek intelligent growth with:

  • Preservation of the environment 🌱

  • Personal protection, safety and well-being at work 👷

  • Product 👌 Quality Assurance

Active since 2005, Ecobel's expertise is well established and brings together several experts and professions, including engineers, lawyers, prevention advisors, quality managers, etc. A whole multidisciplinary ecosystem that allows a holistic support for companies in transition towards (even) more impact on the planet and the world of work! 

Would you like to contribute to the sustainable deployment of companies by participating in the development of their sustainable growth strategies? Ecobel is made for you!

Business support

Environment, well-being and quality

Sustainable growth

Training & Awareness

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At Ecobel, the personal development of employees is elementary. Not only does it contribute greatly to collective success, but it also allows you to feel good in your shoes on a daily basis! Particular attention is paid to monitoring everyone's workload and the right to disconnect in order to ensure a work-life balance . And to top it all off, there are plenty of opportunities for training and growth within the company. An employee-oriented company, that's what we want! 🤝

Are you hungry for diversity? Don't worry, at Ecobel, there's no way to get bored! Whether it is in terms of the field of missions (environment, quality, safety, ISO standards, environmental awareness, company support, environmental secretariat, etc.) or in terms of the type of service (office work, site visits, field audits, documentary audits, training, impact studies,...), independently or as part of a team, we are convinced that you will find what you are looking for!

... And who says well-being, necessarily says moments of relaxation, right? The Ecobel team regularly organises events, both in and outside their offices, to strengthen ties: annual team building, Christmas dinner, team restaurant, lunch time together,... 🥪 

Want to join the dream team? Ecobel is looking for new talent! So, are you ready to join the adventure? 🚀




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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Ecobel supports industries in their environmental regulations but also in reducing their environmental impacts on the air, water and land. They also make sure to optimize their customers' waste management . ♻️

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Did you know that Ecobel provides training and environmental awareness at Forem (Walloon Office for Vocational Training and Employment)? Thanks to these schemes, jobseekers can be informed about better environmental management within the company but also benefit from advice as citizens. We are delighted with this initiative!

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The company's move to a more suitable coworking space has reduced Ecobel's energy consumption , reduced travel times for team members and made public transport more accessible as a means of transport . A change of scenery is good! 🌿

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Privileged partnerships with other independent consultants in the region and local suppliers have been set up and are an integral part of Ecobel's landscape... When we told you that solidarity was one of their key values! 😉

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