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Drink A Flower

Inspired by the power of flowers

  • Healthy Eating, Responsible consumption
  • Brussels, Province of Liège, Province of Namur

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Drink a Flower is a fast-growing Belgian start-up, made up of a team of 4 enthusiasts (Laurent, Sacha, Maximilien & Marie) united with a single goal: totransform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. At DAF, we combine the magic of nature with creativity to make sparkling and refreshing flower-based 🌸 infusions

Made with passion and inspired by the power of flowers, our infusions will revolutionize the market with their unique flavors and benefits! 🌱

Unlike traditional sodas, our drinks are intentionally developed to be much less sweet, making them the perfect alternative for those looking for a healthier break or an alternative to soft drinks/alcohol ✨

What sets DAF apart is our commitment to using 100% organic and natural ingredients, while reusing our production waste. Join us as we embrace the power of flowers and discover a world where every sip is an invitation to celebrate the wonders of nature 🌿

Sparkling infusions made from flowers!

100% ORGANIC and natural!

Produced in Belgium by a team of enthusiasts!

Cold brew process for 24 hours!

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Join our #FlowerGang ! We're not just a team, we're a bunch of passionate young people who have come together to create something extraordinary. With Laurent who orchestrates our strategic operations, Sacha who criss-crosses the country to spread the magic of Drink a Flower, Maximilien who ensures the delivery of our orders and Marie who ensures the presence of our brand, our quartet packs a punch!

Join us as you are, and let's put some flower power in the world of drinks! 🌸🥂




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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DAF offers a sustainable alternative to ultra-sweetened processed beverages. Thanks to our unique concentrated infusion process, we have managed to preserve all the aromas of the flowers and plants while offering a drink with a low sugar content ! 🌱

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Most of our raw materials and ingredients are local and/or fair trade. All our ingredients are 100% organic ! ☀️

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We produce our own beverages in the workshop, minimizing our impact and reusing our waste as fertilizer for local farmers! 🛺

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DAF reduces the use of plastic as much as possible with eco-friendly can packaging that is 100% infinitely 💦 recyclable

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