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Commit to building a more resilient and supportive society on a daily basis? The CPAS (Centre Public d'Action Sociale) of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert takes care of it! Thanks to their holistic actions, it has become a leading player in the world of personal care in Brussels... And this has been the case since 1968! Ready to discover them from a different angle? Here we go! ✌️

The organisation's mission is to provide various forms of assistance to individuals and families in need: social counter, professional integration service, social assistance, family help service, debt mediation, local reception initiative, rest (and care) home , energy and housing service, home help,... An anthology of solidarity services that helps 9% of the Brussels municipality ! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑  

And who says quality service, says dream team ! 💥 It is indeed a diversity of talents and skills that can be found within the CPAS of Woluwe-Saint Lambert. Did you know that in addition to social professionals such as social workers, integration agents, educators, psychologists, social managers and energy advisors, the organization collaborates with a variety of profiles from care services, including nurses, nursing assistants, speech therapists, physiotherapists, and dieticians, among others? 👩 ⚕️ But that's not all: the team also extends to administrative and technical staff, including administrative assistants, reception agents, bookkeepers, accountants, IT specialists, project managers, lawyers, as well as technical profiles such as architects, engineers, cleaning technicians, workers, and kitchen assistants. 👩 🍳 A range of jobs that you wouldn't suspect, wouldn't you?

But the CPAS of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert also has distinctions such as the Cantine Good Food label, the Certysis organic stamp and the Eco-Dynamic Company label! 💚 So many tangible proofs (and rewards!) of dedication to honor their values of sustainability, health and respect for the environment... A remarkable commitment on all fronts, combining awareness and passion! 🤝✨

Personal Support Services

9% of the municipality helped by the CPAS

+ 25 trades represented

Eco-Dynamic Company

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As you can see, within the Woluwe-Saint-Lambert CPAS team, there is a wealth and diversity of skills that are essential to respond effectively to the challenges of the moment. Every day, employé.es are committed to making a difference, in benevolence, friendliness, inclusion and respect... Internal values that radiate to the beneficiaries! 🤩 We were even given their little secret for a serene daily life... The game! And that's a good thing, the team has no shortage of resources on this subject! 😉

The calendar of the CPAS of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is indeed punctuated by events that strengthen ties and celebrate team spirit : the staff party, the welcome sessions for new arrivals, the "inter-team challenges" (the last one was for the Carnival!), the New Year's drink, the Intercommunal Olympiad and finally their famous table football competition perfectly illustrate the balance between commitment and pleasure within the team, in addition to celebrating collaboration and healthy competition... So many highlights that strengthen their collective identity and cohesion while creating great memories! ⚽️😄

What sets the Woluwe-Saint-Lambert CPAS team apart is its sense of welcome and integration, its human-sized environment in a family atmosphere... But that's not all! Joining the organization means being part of a dynamic, impactful and constantly evolving ecosystem, in the heart of a green setting, where training will be offered to you, as well as (very) flexible working hours and the possibility of teleworking... Are you tempted by all this? You know what you have to do... 😎




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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The CPAS of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, a real beating heart of local support ! With the Family Help Service, the Lise Thiry Short Stay Centre and the Housing Service, the organisation is weaving a vast network of solidarity and proximity, meeting the varied needs of the Brussels population.

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In 2023, the professional integration service managed to place around 150 monitored people on the job market ! A significant increase of 20% compared to the previous year and a great social impact for the people of Brussels!

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Did you know that the kitchen of the CPAS of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert was awarded the Cantine Good Food label? 🌱 A guarantee of a healthy and balanced diet and a recognition of their commitment to sustainable food. The icing on the cake is Certysis' organic tampon, which highlights their choice for organic ingredients, ensuring healthy and environmentally friendly meals for their residents. 

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In 2022, the 3,700 beneficiaries of CPAS assistance were spread over 2,500 families. Projecting the composition of households, this represents about 5,500 people who directly or indirectly benefit from the CPAS's aid, i.e. nearly 9% of the population of the municipality !

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In 2021, the OCMW helped 466 students (average age: 22.5 years) with their study project. Students therefore represent 13.5% of the public assisted by the CPAS and 26% of the integration income granted by the centre... Over the last ten years, the number of students receiving an integration income has doubled in the Brussels region...

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The CPAS of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert has been certified Eco-Dynamic Company, which anchors their daily commitment to eco-responsibility in the field of public procurement, energy management (by installing more photovoltaic panels, in particular), waste management (by setting up an internal recycling process for biodegradable waste), mobility (soft) workers, staff training, etc. In the long term, their ambition is to obtain ISO 14001 certification. ✅

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The organization stands out for its commitment to ensuring constant availability and accessibility , a crucial aspect of their support mission: each person can easily access the services offered and obtain the necessary support in the shortest possible time. 🦮👨 🦯 The deep desire to be a reliable, inclusive and reassuring pillar for all those who turn to them, this is one of the goals of the CPAS of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (which they brilliantly embody)!

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