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Copains Group is a young and innovative Walloon company that produces and distributes qualitative, Belgian, sustainable and honest bakery and pastry products with a 100% artisanal DNA and made from local raw materials.

This project was born from the observation that there is a strong opacity in the world of bakery compared to other sectors of activity. Indeed, we rarely know the ingredients, the origin and the manufacturers of our breads and pastries. Thus, Copains has set itself a mission : to become a transparent and committed bakery alternative.

Together with the whole gang, they are therefore pursuing their objective of becoming the Walloon player of reference in the bakery sector.

Their commitment is reflected in the " Friends Recipe", which includes the 12 fundamental commitments that govern their approach to work, the conditions of collaboration between colleagues and the well-being of their friends.

Among these commitments, there is that of promoting short circuits, by sourcing exclusively from Belgian craftsmen. Thus, their wheat comes from Buvrinnes and is ground in Gooik and all the breads are made by hand in their workshop in Strépy-Bracquenies.

As you can see, going against the tide of industrial mass production, Copains favours quality by still making traditional bread with respect for the product.

Are you ready to take on the challenges of Copains and evolve in a super committed and dynamic team? Then join the gang !

100% Belgian bakery

Short supply chain

Full Transparency

ISO 14001 certified products

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Joining Les Copains means being part of a team that is eager to promote Belgian products and meet the desires of lovers of a good loaf !

At Copains Group, we are committed to promoting a positive and safe workspace and to continuously protecting the health of employees through the implementation of appropriate reference standards for any type of mission.

Inspired by the principles of personal freedom, dignity and respect in interpersonal relationships, Copains also wishes to enable all workers to achieve their full potential by guaranteeing them freedom of action and equal opportunities for all.

To maintain the good atmosphere within the gang, a lot of activities are organized, such as a lunch once a month cooked alternately by 2 members of the team, drinks with colleagues, parties with all the staff, the "Wheat Route" ,...

During this last activity, the team cycled for two days along this road linking some of the key players in the cultivation and bread milling sector in Belgium. An activity that was not easy, but still a real moment of exchange and laughter !

Last but not least, at Copains, there are pastries to try all the time!

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Relocating bread and pastries to Belgium, such is the mission that Copains Group has set itself. Thus, 100% of the wheat from which their flour is made is Belgian. However, this is only the case for one in 10 loaves of bread in Belgium. Copains also favours short circuits and ensures that its products are never distributed within a radius of more than 70 km.

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Environmental impact is at the heart of Copains Group's model. Indeed, the company has an ambitious environmental action plan. These include, for example, the recovery of its bread waste into flour for the composition of "circular breads" or the reduction of its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030.

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Copains Group works closely with a nearby adapted work company by employing a dozen workers with disabilities. The company also pursues an HR policy that really puts people and their needs at the center of attention.

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