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Are you looking for an urban adventure where social and ecological innovation reinvents the city? That's good, we've got what you need! Communa ASBL transforms empty buildings into socio-cultural spaces and housing, managed as a community and open to their neighbourhoods. Since 2013, they have distinguished themselves in transitional urban planning by giving new life to a dozen places, housing 350 people and supporting more than 200 associative or social and circular economy projects. Imagine temporarily occupied places that become living laboratories where we experiment with new ways of living, thinking and organizing the city... All this is thanks to Communa! 🌿🏢

The icing on the cake? Communa operates in a completely democratic and horizontal way, a real model of participatory governance. Their mission? Creating resilient and inclusive communities. As you can see, joining Communa means immersing yourself in a dynamic and warm atmosphere where everyone can be their own leader and where autonomy is valued. 🎉💪

Communa is also an international network ! In 2018, they discovered a similar organization in Riga, Latvia. This meeting inspired the creation of the STUN ( Social Transformative Use Network) in 2019, allowing enriching exchanges across Europe and beyond. Discovering new horizons and training (while not forgetting to have fun), that's their joyful mantra! 🌍

With inspiring, supportive and unifying local initiatives (yoga classes for Muslim women, pastry workshops for seniors, skating lessons for young people in the neighbourhood, bicycle workshops, repair cafés,...) and a reach that grows every day, Communa ASBL continues to transform neighbourhoods into true oases of sharing and sustainable development. Their approach is simple: see potential where others only see walls... And I don't know about you, but we love it! 🌱

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Democratic and horizontal governance

Social Economy accreditation since 2021

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Communa ASBL is above all a team of passionné.es, committed to urban reinvention. Composed of several dozen employees and many volunteers, the team operates in a democratic and horizontal manner, ensuring the active participation of all. Yes, their mission is supported by participatory governance where everyone is their own leader, promoting autonomy and initiative ! And that's worth its weight in gold, isn't it?

The little extra? Each member undergoes an annual training course in Nonviolent Communication, and two people are dedicated to boosting participatory governance. These initiatives create a warm, respectful and supportive atmosphere, essential to face the challenges of everyday life! 🚀

If there was only one word to sum up the team spirit at Communa? Unique! Twice a year, three-day greening is organised in the Ardennes to bring people together, work together, and above all, have fun. Whether through creative workshops, dances, or games, these moments are essential to maintain the "tribe" dimension of the team. 🌲🎨 Also, monthly team meetings and regular neighbourhood events (such as fairs and circus days) undeniably strengthen ties, both internal and external. One thing is certain, at Communa, it's impossible to spend a day without laughing... Warm up your zygomatics! 😁

Joining Communa means joining a young, motivated team committed to a mission that makes sense in Brussels. For 11 years, the non-profit organisation has been surfing at the top of the wave and has gained in visibility, seriousness and credibility. 🏄 Saying "I work for Communa" is therefore a great business card to expand your network and create unexpected opportunities... With 30 days of vacation per year, flexibility, a fiery atmosphere, concrete actions in Brussels and opportunities for development, Communa is THE place to be for an impactful dream job that puts a smile on your face (and the desire to move mountains)! 🎉✨




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Communa's projects aim to serve local communities by creating places of solidarity. 🧡 In concrete terms, this translates into the organisation of events and activities open to all, in collaboration with local residents, in rehabilitated spaces. Any examples? At Communa, yoga classes for Muslim women, pastry workshops for seniors, skating classes for young people in the neighborhood, artists, bicycle workshops, repair cafés, people who find a home again. 🧘 🍰🚲 A whole ecosystem of people motivated to improve their daily lives a little that rubs shoulders in their buildings.

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Since 2013, the non-profit organisation has stood out in transitional urban planning by facilitating a dozen places, housing 350 people and supporting more than 200 associative or social and circular economy projects... No less!

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Communa optimizes the recovery of resources through activities based on repair, reuse and recycling (the 3Rs). 💚 How? By recovering existing buildings, where they are considered "waste", to make them "resources" at the service of vulnerable populations. This makes it possible to avoid building new buildings when we can mobilize existing buildings and extend its life cycle... As the saying goes: "The greenest building is the one that is already built"! 🏢🌱

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The non-profit organisation rehabilitates vacant social housing while working with socio-professional integration organisations (OISP) and with recovered materials.

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Their idea? Create "prooves of concept" that can inspire public policies, which will then make it possible to generalize the occupation of vacant buildings but also to create new places of community and solidarity in the four corners of the city. Between socio-community work, socio-professional integration, work against homelessness, circular economy, participatory governance and joie de vivre, Communa is resolutely at a crossroads to increase societal impact on a daily basis ! 💪

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