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You probably know Saint-Luc, the academic hospital of UCLouvain in Brussels, for its reputation in terms of quality of healthcare. With the aim of promoting the comprehensive care of patients and thanks to their other multidisciplinary centres, the non-profit organisation also provides local care to patients in neighbouring municipalities, from all over Belgium and even abroad... That's all there is to it! 🏥

In addition to care, the hospital plays a leading role in clinical research and the education of tomorrow's health professionals (doctors, nurses and paramedics). 

But Saint-Luc is not just a medical ecosystem! It is also a workspace where many professions meet and coexist: administrative, support, social, technical, logistics, IT,... All these professions work together on a daily basis and each one has its importance in the smooth running of Saint-Luc... There's definitely one for you!

🌿 Their project with a positive impact? With 6000 employees, 2000 super interns, 380 wonderful volunteers and 72 nationalities represented, Saint-Luc is sparkling with talent to provide quality care, support and care for hundreds of thousands of patients every year! Not to mention the short- and medium-term environmental commitments (waste management and reduction, promotion of soft mobility, reduction of water and energy consumption, use of renewable energies, etc.) of the non-profit organisation, which makes the clinic a precursor in the hospital vision of tomorrow !

Do you want to join a dynamic, varied, renowned and human-minded workplace? Saint-Luc is the place to apply!

The only holder of the Ecodynamic label in Brussel...

Healthcare sector

More than 150 different trades

Internationally renowned

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Above all, the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc is about a very special relationship with people, whether they are patients or employees.

Although their team has no less than 6,000 employees, through 150 different professions, the non-profit organisation is guided by several strong values, including cooperation and respect

What distinguishes the hospital from other organizations is their sense of belonging, created by strong inter-professional collaboration and driven by conviviality. 🤝

Because people are essential, each department organizes its own team moments to pamper the staff. For more than a year, the internal group "Ensemble" has been regularly offering a series of events and services/benefits for staff: an after-work drink, monthly food truck, competitions, Advent calendar, Christmas market, sports challenges, various awareness-raising activities, family events, playgrounds for children in summer... In short, something to federate, unite and please. 

And for the more careerist, Saint-Luc offers the possibility of changing jobs without changing employers, thanks to the diversity of 300 different services ! In addition, as it is important to maintain the professionalism of the staff, an attractive training package has been put in place.

Do you recognize yourself in these lines? 🚀 Boarding has begun!




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Saint-Luc has been awarded the ecodynamic company label of the Brussels-Capital Region since December 2021. This means that Saint-Luc fulfils specific criteria in terms of eco-management and is one of those who is making things happen in Brussels when it comes to the environment.

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The Saint-Luc Foundation allows many exchanges of knowledge for health professionals through training abroad. An openness to the world that makes you feel good.

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Over the past 10 years, the Foundation has turned its attention to the human aspect of hospitalization and awards so-called "humanization" grants, in order to promote the human dimension of the hospital and improve the supervision of patients and families.

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Their environmental impact is one of the pillars of the hospital's reconstruction project for 2025, the main axes of which are as follows: reduction of energy and water consumption, use of a maximum of renewable energies, encouragement of soft or shared mobility to get to work, management and reduction of waste, circular economy, materiality and development of surroundings in symbiosis with biodiversity... And that's just the beginning! 🌱

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Saint-Luc has set up 22 charging sockets for electric vehicles for staff with the intention of increasing this number soon. 

This change will have made it possible, for the period January to August 2021 alone, to avoid the consumption of 425 liters of fossil fuels and the emission of 1.087 tons of CO2! This is the equivalent of more than 6,200 km not covered by internal combustion vehicles. 💥 #gamechanger

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