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7 Brussels entrepreneurs driven by the desire to create a new crowdfunding instrument meet... And bam, that's the Citizenfund! 🌟

As you probably know, banks (and traditional finance in general) use money from savers' accounts to invest in sectors of activity that generate greenhouse gases and other joys for the planet... To counter this situation, Citizenfund has become the first investment fund managed by citizens ("1 person = 1 vote", each investor therefore has the same voting power, regardless of the amount invested) that supports circular and collaborative economy projects.

This economy is thus put at the service of society in a virtuous way for all, both from an environmental and societal point of view. To date, the cooperative has 25 active projects and more than 255 investors . And our little finger tells us that it's just getting started! 😉 

What's the best thing about the Citizenfund? Its positioning as an inclusive cooperative, allowing everyone (whether you are a teenager or an adult, shares are accessible to all) to become an agent of change by financing transition projects. 🙋🙋‍♂️

Would you like to join the committed and dynamic crew of the Citizenfund? Check out their internship and job offers! 

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The mood of the Citizenfund team, in a few words? A dynamic team, on a human scale, open-minded, hopeful and above all, eager to make things happen for real (with a little touch of madness to top it all off)! 💪

But that's not all! As the link is a vector of prosperity and exchange, the team participates in various events related to impact and entrepreneurship, in addition to sharing convivial moments together (pitch evenings, many events with entrepreneurs and the community). Like permaculture (from which they are brilliantly inspired), Citizenfund's soil is a close-knit, curious and resilient team that allows many projects to germinate whose flowers will beautify the world (poetic, isn't it?) 🌸

To conclude, a little anecdote ? Recently, the Citizenfund was highlighted in a documentary alongside Mohammed Yunus, the creator of the concept of microfinance: a real pride for the whole team to share the screen with such an inspiring figure (and we understand them!) 💰

Do you like the opportunity to be part of an inspiring and stimulating environment, where creativity, innovation and social impact are at the heart of the project? Join the team! 🚀




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Helping entrepreneurs overcome the obstacle of financing their projects is the leitmotiv of the cooperative. With 25 Belgian and positive projects for the world (including Urbike, Happy Hours Market and Yuman), Citizenfund is now positioned as a game-changer in terms of financial support and investment at the local level. 🌱

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Citizenfund has obtained the prestigious B Corp certification, positioning itself as the 36th Belgian B Corp company and the first citizen investment fund. 🏅

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"Does the project meet at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ?" This is one of the essential criteria for choosing a co-operative in the decision to fund an initiative.

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The Citizenfund works with projects that care about the environment. Initiatives such as Hooba, Snappies, Polyperception, Coucou, Urbike, Waio, Relieve Furniture and so many others are specifically focused on environmental sustainability. A financial impact that allows companies committed to the planet to deploy, what are the people asking for? 🌻

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The ambition of the cooperative is to see the emergence of Citizenfunds in every city, thus giving every citizen the opportunity to be actively involved in the transformation of our society. 📣 Charleroi Métropole has opened its doors and is thus the first extension of the Brussels cooperative!

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Did you know that investing your money sustainably can have up to 27x more impact on your carbon footprint than some other everyday actions? By way of comparison, €2,200 in a bank account pollutes as much as a flight from Paris to New York...

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