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Who says expert in organic certification, says CERTISYS!

CERTISYS is an expert certification body in organic farming. Their mission? Guarantee the credibility of organic farming through information, audits and certification. All this reliably and independently. A pioneer and leader in organic certification in Belgium, CERTISYS is also active on the Luxembourg and West African markets.

The CERTISYS control body allows its customers to market products under the BIO designation and to benefit from other associated certifications. At CERTISYS, they attach great importance to people and promote proximity with their customers. They support them throughout their organic journey, sharing their knowledge and actively collaborating with all stakeholders in the sector. Their controllers work locally and are spread throughout Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; They then have a detailed knowledge of the terroir.

CERTISYS was born from a group of pioneering engineers and agronomists with a passion for the land. Their values? Ethics, Transparency and Impartiality. In 30 years of experience, these values and convictions are still as strong as ever at CERTISYS and they continue to guide their development. Today, they are part of the ECOCERT Group, the world's No. 1 certification company for organic food and cosmetic products. This alliance allows them to offer other certifications that are complementary to organic farming, all of which are as positive for the environment as they are for our society. Together, their priority is to act for a sustainable world and they are convinced that organic farming is one of the solutions.

At the beginning of 2022, CERTISYS launched a brand new activity: the audit and certification of HPC (Home & Personal Care) products. This includes cosmetics, home fragrances, scented candles, pet care and hygiene products. This expansion of their activities is an exciting project, among others, for which they need new talents who want to actively participate in this growth. So, are you ready to join the adventure?

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Working at CERTISYS means joining a company on a human scale that is booming, where a family and authentic atmosphere reigns!

CERTISYS attaches great importance to human relations. That's why the team often gets together to share convivial moments: the welcome breakfast for new employees, the annual team building for all employees, the Certiparty for the New Year, the Thursday afterworks, the Christmas or ice cream food trucks in summer, colleagues' birthdays... As you can see, sharing is their priority!

By working at CERTISYS, you will have the opportunity to see the direct impact of your actions on the company and the link to its purpose which is to act for a sustainable world.




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CERTISYS is the leader in organic certification in Belgium. They have thus participated in the development of European organic regulations and recognised standards. Together with the other players in the organic sector, they have been committed to the development of organic products for more than 30 years to make this world a more sustainable one.

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CERTISYS attaches great importance to the well-being of its employees and makes sure to provide them with a caring and pleasant working environment. The equipment provided is ergonomic and each teleworker has high-performance IT equipment. Employees can then work on the network from home. At CERTISYS, there's no question of arriving at work backwards! As part of the management of psycho-social risks, the company has decided to have a trusted person whose role is to help anyone who wishes to help anyone who wishes to do so with work-related problems.

Within their structure, there is no shortage of environmental initiatives! Waste sorting, a sustainable purchasing policy, an initial carbon footprint, the use of water jugs with running water, events organised according to sustainable criteria and organic catering... For employees, they also provide organic fruit, coffee, teas and biscuits.

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CERTISYS also has an educational role by raising awareness of organic farming. Their experts are present at various trade fairs and in schools during information sessions, so they can meet their customers and young talents directly. For them, being present locally allows them to be closer to their customers and to better support them in their best practices and sustainable development approaches.

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By putting organic at the heart of its business, CERTISYS is working towards a more sustainable future and that is why we are proud to support them.

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