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Belgian hemp since 2016

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Does hemp ring a bell? The company Cannavie has made this material the basic element of its project.

It all started in 2016, when Victor decided to launch Cannavie. "Canna" refers to the botanical name of hemp: Cannabis Sativa L. "Life" symbolizes the abundance, sustainability, and benefits that this incredible resource provides. The term also reflects his desire to revive a plant that has been unjustly obscured and demonized for more than a century.

Cannavie's mission? To restore hemp cultivation in Belgium and give it the place it deserves in our society.

More concretely, Cannavie cultivates and develops a range of food and cosmetic products based on organic hemp seeds: food, CBD, cosmetics, textiles, oil, etc. Cannavie products are distributed throughout Belgium and are of course certified by the BIO & Slow Cosmétique label. 

At Cannavie, Victor takes the meaning of his actions very seriously: every ingredient, planting and packaging is designed to have the healthiest possible impact on our ecosystem! To do this, he works with freelancers and is in very close partnership with farmers. 

Does cultivating, processing and marketing hemp  with passion and respect resonate with you? If so, join the Cannavie team! 

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For Victor, the founder of Cannavie, " Natural building starts with team building." That's why a point of honor is placed on team cohesion as well as the willingness to learn.

THE annual moment: every year, an open day is organized to welcome the public to the hemp plantation.

Fun fact: Cannavie was able to sign a big contract with a distributor following the publication of a photo of the founder almost naked in the hemp plantation!

Why join Cannavie? Joining Cannavie means having the opportunity to work with a generous and extraordinary plant but also to join a committed team, with a well-defined mission and a deep meaning.




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Cannavie has a unique project in Belgium, with the mission of reviving a plant with multiple virtues.

Indeed, now that we have depleted a large part of the earth's resources and are facing massive pollution, it is high time to turn to more sustainable resources such as hemp, a plant with many environmental benefits.

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As a social player with a positive impact, the founder is dedicated to reviving hemp cultivation in his heart and land. He wants to convey a rather devotional message: "Hemp can save the world!", whether through communication on social networks, or all kinds of other events.

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Cannavie organizes annual open houses to welcome citizens to hemp farms and thus educate and democratize this plant.

Cannavie carefully selects all its packaging in order to minimize its impact as much as possible.

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The impact of hemp on the environment and society:

  • Hemp is a real carbon sink.

  • Hemp requires very little water and fertilizer.

  • Hemp cleans and replenishes soils thanks to its covering power and deep rooting.

  • Hemp is one of the most versatile plants in the plant kingdom.

  • Hemp seed contains one of the most complete and digestible proteins on the planet. It is also  an excellent source of omega 3, which is essential for maintaining good cardiovascular, cerebral and joint health,...

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