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The story of the Brussels Beer Project began in 2013 with Olivier and Sébastien, and their BEER FOR LIFE crowdfunding which brought together more than 4,000 sweet dreamers.

Since then, the project has continued to shake up the traditional beer market! In addition to their brewery in Dansaert, Brussels Beer Project has 3 taprooms in Brussels, Paris and Tokyo. The opening of a second taproom in Brussels is planned shortly. They are also in the midst of building a second brewery that will soon become iconic. ✨

They never run out of ideas for designing new beers and collaborate with brewers from all over the world, passionate artists and artisans.

Joining Brussels Beer Project means joining a company that has been growing strongly for the past 8 years (+25% per year) and is carrying out many ambitious projects while having a strong focus on their impact (Bcorp status, diversity label, CO2 neutral, circular economy, etc.).


In March 2020, the entire BBP team in Brussels and Paris was in Copenhagen for a team trip to celebrate the results of 2019, and above all to have a memorable time, especially during a beer festival with a positive impact. This trip is all the more memorable because a week later... Europe went into lockdown for the first wave! 😊

Circular economy

In the process of being labelled B-corp

Award: Brussels of the Year 2015

1st beer made from unsold fresh bread

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The team advocates respect for all and the valuation of ideas. You will benefit from a good working atmosphere and the proximity between all the teams (production, communication, sales, taprooms, operations). This way, you will have direct access to the founders and regular follow-up to evolve. And of course, you will take part in the development of the best product on earth! 🍻

The team also organizes a lot of team building events: annual team trip (Copenhagen, London, ...), Christmas dinner, (very) many aperitifs, off-site event once a year, many "geek lunches " to share the knowledge of someone internal or external, and many other surprises.

Finally, if you join the team, you will have the honor of doing a rookie challenge. We can't tell you too much, but everyone is revealing their talents, and it's going to be memorable.




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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Brussels Beer Project wants to be exemplary in the circular economy through projects such as Babylone, the first beer made from fresh, unsold bread; or the Tough Cookie, a beer brewed from Dandoy's unsold speculoos. They are also on the way to becoming CO2 neutral by limiting and offsetting their impact.

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This year, they are aiming for B-corp certification, which meets, among other things, governance requirements.

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More broadly, they want to be an alternative to the big industrial brewers who only have profit as their priority. Thus, they aspire to be a source of inspiration for all entrepreneurs and employees, showing that you can do things better while being ambitious.

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The activity of the Brussels Beer Project has been heavily financed since 2013 by 4,000 crowdfunders, and for the past 2 years all employees have been eligible for warrants, in order to become shareholders of the company.

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