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Supporting companies in improving their energy efficiency? This is Broptimize's mission.

For Broptimize, the energy transition is and will be a differentiating factor that has a positive impact on each of the pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility. In this context, Broptimize's mission is to support companies in their development by helping them optimize their energy costs and reduce their energy consumption!

Broptimize's services respond to two major issues encountered by business leaders: How to best manage energy contracts concluded with your supplier? How to improve your energy performance for an efficient transition?

Founded in 2016, Broptimize puts its heart into supporting companies and freelancers who want to grow while preserving the planet. As an energy transition consultant, the start-up guides companies that need expertise and knowledge through several services: whether by managing the purchase of their energy (gas and/or electricity) in order to improve their pricing conditions or by studying solutions to reduce their consumption or produce their own energy.

Benevolence, ambition, freedom and pride are values anchored at Broptimize that they never deviate from! Each member of the Broptifamily therefore has opportunities for development in the energy sector, which is, undeniably, a sector of the future ! So, are you ready to join the adventure ?

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Joining the "Broptifamily" means joining a team of about thirty ambitious employees, eager to make the world a better place by helping companies in their energy transition!

At Broptimize, they are convinced that a good atmosphere at work is paramount. That's why their team-building manager concocts a fun activity for the team every month, but not only! The employees don't hesitate to add their grain of salt and organize small events every week: the Friday aperitif, the end-of-day jog or even the beach volleyball training for the inter-company competition. And let's not forget the "GroCongresses" which allow us to take stock of the next 6 months and congratulate ourselves on the past 6 months. Enough to move the team in the same direction!

The little anecdote: the company has just acquired new offices that are a former indoor playground... This is in perfect harmony with the team made up of big kids!




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Our commitments to sustainable world

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The energy transition and the sustainability of companies are topics at the heart of the news. The European directives commit to the energy transition of the Member States, which in turn push the country's companies to become more sustainable. At their own level, each Belgian company can now contribute to a better and more sustainable world; This is why Broptimize supports them so that they are guided and advised in the best possible way in this journey.

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Broptimize takes care of the energy optimization of each company and its owner: from the negotiation of supply contracts to the reduction of energy consumption, and supports each structure from A to Z in all their steps.

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The start-up has decided to do everything possible to preserve the planet. The reduction of greenhouse gases is indeed essential in order to maintain a certain quality of life and Broptimize can intervene in this climate change by contributing to the improvement of the energy efficiency of companies.

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Reducing greenhouse gases is a priority for our planet. At its own level, Broptimize is intervening in this climate change by contributing to the energy improvement of companies.

Since its creation, Broptimize has supported more than 2,500 clients in Wallonia and Brussels. The start-up has real ambitions for impact for Belgian companies and this is one of the reasons why we are proud to support them in this transition.

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