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Bio Marché

Organic products from short supply chains

  • Healthy Eating, Ecology & Environment
  • Brussels

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The Bio Marché store is a local store, anchored in its neighborhood, independent, offering products from organic farming, favoring local products as a priority as well as short circuits.

With more than 1500 references produced on a 150 m2 store area, seasonal products from small Belgian producers and other cooperatives are the stars of the shelves: fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, dried fruit, fruit juices, cosmetics, cleaning products as well as a wide range of bulk foods.

The main challenge of Marché Bio: "Our challenge is to select the most affordable ranges and products in terms of price in order to make organic affordable for all." - Mohamed, Head of the Organic Market.

Why join the Organic Market?

Joining the Bio Marché team means first and foremost joining a fast-growing family business that advocates proximity, performance, enthusiasm as well as imagination and passion for organic.

100% organic independent convenience store

Local products

Short supply chains

Organic farming

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Joining Bio Marché means having responsibilities and a significant impact on the development of the family business, while having learning prospects in a great team atmosphere.

People have a central place in the company. Indeed, at Bio Marché, the fulfilment of each person is one of the priorities and taking initiatives is at the heart of their operation.

Bio Marché's motto: "Together, let's democratize organic!"

Do you want to work in a fast-growing family business? Do you share their values of proximity, performance and enthusiasm? Do you have a genuine interest in organic products and do you like to learn? Do you like a challenge? Then you're the great match!




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Bio Marché encourages consumption that generates as little waste as possible by offering bulk food, cosmetics and cleaning products and local producers and cooperatives are the stars of the shelves.

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Bio Marché participates in the discovery of organic products, by collaborating with associations that work with young people and raises awareness of the impacts of everyday actions and choices. And yes, consuming organic also means taking part in a movement that empowers us!

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Bio Marché selects its suppliers according to very specific aspects such as ethical, organic, family or locality in order to limit the impact of transport.

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Bio Marché's hobbyhorse is to democratize affordable organic products. Choosing to feed oneself through organic farming means committing to a production model that respects the environment, but also the cycles and the natural functioning of our biodiversity. Organic farming is an agriculture that is committed to not using chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.), so it's a joy because you don't swallow them, and the icing on the cake... We do not contribute to the nitrate contamination of our surface and groundwater.

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