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It all started in 2015 with the creation of a bike shop-workshop in Brussels. Since then, everything has happened very quickly!

In just a few years, Bike Your City has developed a whole hub around cycling:  sales and repair shops in Brussels, an association that promotes the use of bicycles for all called Ride Your Future and a cooperative in charge of building pump tracks!

The company, driven by a real passion for cycling, aims to create an economic and social hub solely dedicated to this two-wheeled vehicle: the bicycle! What underlies it is the belief that a bike sold means one less car on the roads... For the Bike Your City group, cycling is a way to promote the transition to a less stressful, less polluted and ultimately greener city. 

In fact, Bike Your City's ecological approach takes shape in a thousand and one ways. The decoration of their shops is second-hand, the accessories they use are recycled, the products used respect the environment, waste sorting...

Bike Your City combines the promotion of soft mobility with environmental and social values. Their approach "changing the city, one bike at a time" deserves the many awards they have received, such as the "Brussels Bike Awards - 2022".

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Joining Bike Your City means being part of a big family. Constantly expanding, the group is now made up of three stores in Brussels and the Ride Your Future association, whose five employees run events and workshops to democratize access to cycling. In addition, there is a partnership with the Velosolutions Belgium cooperation, which is responsible for the construction of pump tracks throughout Belgium. 

But the members of Bike Your City don't forget to have fun! The group organizes afterworks every month, team rides every week, and even full-day excursions. Fun fact: They have a tradition of riding with their team and customers every Thursday morning on " Gravel Thursday". 

So, are you ready to join this big family on wheels? 




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Beneficial to the health of the body and wallet, the bike is also an asset for the health of the planet. In particular, its carbon footprint is much better than that of the car, which is not negligible in cities where traffic jams are frequent. Aware of these challenges, Bike Your City is developing a whole pole of attraction around cycling. The latest example to date is the creation of the non-profit organisation Ride Your Future, which offers activities to make cycling a habit from a very young age: introductions to the Pumptrack, bike mechanical training, collective rides, workshops reserved for women with "Elles en selles"...

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Bike Your City donates 1% of its sales to the non-profit organisation Ride Your City.

Bike Your City is also behind the construction of pump tracks in collaboration with its partner Velosolutions to promote sport among young people. These same pump tracks are giving a new impetus to some of the neighbourhoods where they are built, such as Laeken. 

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In this same area of Laeken there is one of the Bike Your City shops. It is an integral part of the sustainable village, Be-here, a haunt of companies active in sustainable food, circular economy and cultural projects. Everyone can do their shopping, taste artisanal products and... Buy or repair your bike! By participating in this green project, the company further confirms its ecological convictions.

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And it is this undeniable impact that explains our support for Bike Your City! 

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